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How does the rollable TV work?
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 2 weeks ago


Thanks dbrand for making our CES 2019 content possible. Check out the Grip and Prism at

Learn more about LG OLED:

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Comments Directly on YouTube

20 minutes ago
my guess about 4k dollars

11 hours ago
I've subscribed austin....... ;)

1 day ago
I bought a Dbrand screen protector and hammered my phone, and my screen is just fine!

(I mean, the rest of the phone is broken, but the screen is fine...)

2 days ago
What Of is Dont Know about these TVs is eliminating the external audio jack. OOOOOOOOWWWWW!!!

2 days ago
Who else came from Austin Evans rollable tv video... Linus tackles him...

4 days ago
Dbrand is expensive

4 days ago
when the glass cracked, you broke

4 days ago
Austin Evans casually walks around while Linus is talking

4 days ago
Now use it as a monitor.

4 days ago
I bet 75% of people who watched this didn't even know what 4 or 8k even was.

5 days ago
@linusTechTips if LG can make this, then they need to invent a retractable LIGHTSABER with rolling LED technology!

5 days ago
Um... the Grip will still be available later this year even though it's available now.

5 days ago
Finally 8K TVs will be coming out about 3 or 4 years after they were announced at a previous CES! Now, just as they were getting 4K shows out on at least satellite TV... they're gonna have to upgrade their systems all over again! And now we want 8K cameras! And when will 8K or even 4K come to broadcast?

5 days ago
Why couldn't you get that close to it on the show floor? Was it all cordoned off or something dumb like that?

5 days ago
LOL, I LOVE "ROLED"! Hahaha!

6 days ago
Austin should've said "drop it"

6 days ago
I really want these for film/tv production up in Vancouver. Absolutely WOW

6 days ago
"it's going to be a lot"
Thanks Austin Obvious. ;D

7 days ago

7 days ago
Sorry but there is no inbuilt TV speaaker that can beat my surround set up. ...and 8k? Please... give me real 4k first.

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