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Braun Strowman pulls part of the Raw set down on top of Kane and Brock Lesnar: Raw, Jan. 8, 2018
  Published: 1 week ago


The Monster Among Men uses a grappling hook to brutalize both of his Royal Rumble opponents.
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2 hours ago
Will Kane and Brock got to hurt real bad😎😎

3 hours ago
WWE, McMahon Family,
Braun Strowman's Plans on Putting Both Brock Lesnar And Kane in The Hospital to be Given The Universal Championship And Instead of Being Forced to Fight For That Title Belt at The Royal Rumble PPV, Failed.

4 hours ago
3:45 i feel so bad for Brock and Kane

4 hours ago
The next big thing.....Braun Strowman!

5 hours ago
any of y'all won't to be friends talk WWE I will give all my phone number

6 hours ago
Damn that was cool and scary at the same time

7 hours ago
Strowman 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

7 hours ago
Nice day in the gym ain’t it?

10 hours ago

10 hours ago

13 hours ago
Its fake

14 hours ago
Brock +Kane>Braun Strowman

15 hours ago
j'aime beaucoup bronstroma il est fou

15 hours ago
j'aime beaucoup bronstroma il est fou

15 hours ago
browns stroman él mejor

17 hours ago
jinder mahal pay wwe to make him famous i thought :D :D :D lol

17 hours ago
Some people still thought that truck pull was real LOL for those #wwe is fake but addicted :D

17 hours ago

18 hours ago
because Kane said that he will take revenge of his brother from Brock

18 hours ago
undertaker will come to help Kane in royal rumble

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