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  Published: 5 months ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

5 months ago
accent seems to be pakistani

5 months ago
"A companion recounts:" The Prophet (saws) said to me: O Abdallah Ibn Qays! Shall I not reveal to you what constitutes one of the treasures of Paradise? I said to him, "Of course, O Messenger of God!" And he said to me, "Say, There is no strength or power except in Allah."

لا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله

5 months ago
Mate !! Need dua for always forgetting things in life including story from prophet's time about forgetting...!

5 months ago
Male voice is better

5 months ago
For once, the era of dawn is nigh... Its about time that major signs start completing....
All the minor signs are done. And as we have learnt about it that major signs are like a bead... They'll follow one after the other.. The 3rd temple construction is considered to be done in some years which will be the rise of Dajjal. Obesity has become common. One major sign that stated there will be three ground shaking earthquakes, ones that are never experienced before somewhere in the eastern and western parts. One wr already witnessed is the 2004 Indonesian... Let's pray to allah and hope for the best!
May allah protect all of us. INSHALLAH we'll all meet in Jannah

5 months ago
Plz no woman speaker

5 months ago
May Allah protect all the Muslim ummah 💚

5 months ago
Woman giving lectures?.. hmm..interesting... never seen that before

5 months ago
no woman lectureass please

5 months ago
Jesus is the only LIGHT in the world of darkness, all others are part of that darkness.
There is absolutely no hope of salvation outside of Jesus Christ.

5 months ago
Ya Allah.
Protect us from the evil.
Protect us from devil.
Protect us from the dajjal.

5 months ago
From personal experience, any situation you are in... Make dua to Allah. Do it, he'll help you.

5 months ago
If your siblings are abusive(potentially dangerous) are you allowed to get stay away from them?

5 months ago
Allah help me please. We are helpless without you and guide us through life's trials. Forgive our sins, ameen. 😥

5 months ago
Wow mashallha 🌸 thank you

5 months ago
144 views and just 24 likes why?

5 months ago
Hi guys, how are you, someone could help me because I didn't understood the essential of this video, please...
God bless you...🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽😉

5 months ago
Ya Allah bestow ur mercy upon me .Pray for me

5 months ago
Even in the most seemingly hopeless situations, one should not lose faith in Allah and put his trust in him as the most merciful and the best protector 🌸

5 months ago
Plz sub my channel for support me jazakallah

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