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Building a 4K Workstation with Dennis!
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 2 weeks ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

9 hours ago
is it just me or is Linus kinda becoming a dick?

11 hours ago
Why is dennis is even in this video

13 hours ago
Oh it's the hole in the ceiling dude

15 hours ago
"I'm laughing with the viewers" Immediately starts laughing to prove Dennis wrong

17 hours ago
300$ for a case how stupid you have to be to buy that $hit for 300$

1 day ago
Just get a Surface Studio. Then he can draw...

2 days ago
i don't like this dennis guy

2 days ago
I'm a simple man. I see Dennis in the title and i click.

2 days ago
That's an incredible case.

2 days ago
im so scared

2 days ago
ik its a workstation but


2 days ago
You should make more of "Dennis builds stuff" or just "Dennis is on screen" He's just a super host and his smile is quite relaxing ☺

2 days ago
Can we have more of Dennis doing builds plz

2 days ago
you shouldn't make fun of retarded people like that.. you should be ashamed of yourself!

2 days ago
The face of Linus when Dennis said we got 4 rams! omg!

2 days ago
Dennis is the best.

3 days ago
honestly Dennis is my fav person on LTT, make more videos with him in Please!

3 days ago
When they install a new copy of Windows i Wonder if they buy it or just run autoKMS :)

3 days ago

3 days ago

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