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Laptop Full of Mysteries from MSI...
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 1 year ago


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One of MSI's new laptops is looking pretty promising, but we can't tell you why just yet...

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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 days ago
So did MSI really not allow him to continue reviewing the laptop? And why don't these companies install monitoring software and restrict the access to things like that?

2 weeks ago
Wait that laptop has a thunderbolt 3 ???

4 months ago
Have you all tried the GR73VR Raider? I am looking at possibly buying one of these and wanted to see your review on it. Thank You

5 months ago
what is the difference between GE63 Raider RGB-011 and GE63 8RE-200CA?

6 months ago
dum fucks at msi im trying to buy your fucken laptop you fucken plebs let him show us the specs

6 months ago
To thunderbolt there. :)

7 months ago
This Laptop is Now MINE !! MSI GE63 8RF

7 months ago
I have this Lap

8 months ago
Does it have a thunderbolt 3 type-c port...!! I live in india...!! I don't see anything about thunderbolt 3 support on msi's or amazon's webpage..!! Can u help me please..??😇

8 months ago
Excuse me... I have a question... It does thunderbolt 3 or not? Because some of them said that i doesnt but some of them said it does... Let me know if you already got the answer

9 months ago
0:40 CoolerBoost 5 with triple fans is not new. That was on the Kaby Lake gen as well.

9 months ago
@linustechtips Correction: It DOES NOT have a Thunderbolt port.

I wish it did but it doesn't! :(

10 months ago
The windows is crack

10 months ago
Where is your animated intro?

10 months ago
Had a bad experience with MSI. In the past 3 years of using their laptops. I had 1 bad lemon, which was replaced with one that only lasted one year before the screen wouldn't work, a replacement where the hinge was already faulty due to the plastic material, another one of the same laptop which then couldn't be repaired at my store since they didn't want to do anything that involved removing the charging port and everything associated with it to fix the discharging problem, and the most recent one I got which just stopped working altogether a week into use. This all happened because I was given a cheaper replacement each time. From a 2000 cad or so laptop to a 900 cad laptop in 3 years of constantly breaking.

10 months ago
1:57 perfect timing

10 months ago
8850h 6 core Coffee Lake??

10 months ago
Hi Linus tech tips, i am a big fan of yours and i always watch your videos because i always wanted a gaming laptop, but i can't afford it. So can u give me one? HAHAHAHAHA

10 months ago
Tunnel Bear!

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