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  Published: 5 months ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

3 days ago
رضي الله عنها ❤

6 days ago
It was so heart touching lecture. Ramadan mubarak everyone

7 days ago
Allah Akbar 🙌🏻 I’m the most blessed women and I’m proud to have Allah on my side always.I love you and I will die for you O Allah La ilaha ill Allah

1 week ago
I am proud to have Prophet Mohammed among us mankind, every human or creature has a unique power given by Allah , as Allah created every individual being with love and adoration, it is unto us to show subjugation to Allah Almighty, by adore and love all that Allah created, to get Allah's love and blessings.

2 weeks ago
The Arabs should treat the Ethiopian people better for so many reason thank you for this beautiful story ✌🏾

2 weeks ago
May Allah almighty bless you.

3 weeks ago

3 weeks ago
I know im not crazy but at 9:31 in this video i can swear i saw this clip already. This video is kind of trippy.

3 weeks ago
Stranger the girl was Ethiopian im not but people ask all the time if i am. A guy worshiped me and my feet saying Fade eye quee fade eye quee which was weird 🙃

3 weeks ago
Some reason i stopped this at 3:38 as i just had a dejavu moment. Im not sure in past life beliefs but i met a girl in New Yorks years ago Her name was Mytie i may have spelled it wrong but as we met she said she knew we met before. She said we were twins in a past life and sisters. We were daughters of a slave master. She said she recognised me because i have the same scar on my forehead from him. I got cut somehow. Strange they mentioned slaves and that memorie came back to me like a deja vu moment. Thought I'd share. Enjoy the video

3 weeks ago
What's Celestine mean im nodding off watching this and i just drempt the word Celestine. Why am i up 🙋🙈

3 weeks ago
Mashallah thak you for the mawaitha so touching

3 weeks ago
proud to be a muslim..

4 weeks ago
Where can I find the full lecture

4 weeks ago
Wats is the name of this shake

4 weeks ago
Where would I get more details about Barakah (RA) .. is there any book that could help me out

4 weeks ago
What is a lineage??

1 month ago
Obama barracca

1 month ago
As salam alaikum ..This lecture is very usefull for me to boost up my imaan looking forward for more lectures jazkhallahu khairan

1 month ago
Even Muhammad's greatest enemy Abu Lahab was overjoyed when Muhammad was born that he freed one of his most beloved slave, that he got a vey slight reprieve every Monday , for this gesture from the tortures of hell

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