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  Published: 3 months ago


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3 months ago
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3 weeks ago
Great video!! MashaALLAH

2 months ago
4 Reasons why we should love salat:

Reason 1: Humility and obedience

(2:45) Seek help with the Salat and fortitude: *60 no doubt, Salat is a hard task but not for those obedient servants,

(23:2) who *2 perform their Salat with humility: *3

Humility or obedience is

Reason 2: Rest and comort

(20:14) establish Salat to remember Me. *9

(13:28) Note it well that it is Allah's remembrance alone that brings comfort to hearts.

In hadith:
and then bow, and remain in this state till you feel at rest in bowing, and then raise your head and stand straight; and then prostrate till you feel at rest in prostration, and then sit up till you feel at rest while sitting; and then prostrate again till you feel at rest in prostration; and then get up and stand straight, and do all this in all your prayers."

in arabic rest or comfort is

Reason 3:

in hadith:
 O Bilal, call iqamah for prayer: give us comfort by it.

Comort in arabic is
Reason 4:

In hadith:
but my comfort has been provided in prayer.

comfort in arabic is
قرة العين

The reason why I should love worshipping allah is here:

3 months ago
Umer sulaiman<3

3 months ago
Janna is fictional place since it is full of adultery with Hoories and also Sharab ie alcohol consumption which both are sin as per Bible. Islam allows sins like murders,kill unbelievers ,child marriage, halala, 4wives murder, taqqiya ie lies ,are sinful and lead to destruction .

3 months ago
Islam is a false religion since it denies the death and resurrection Lord Jesus and and His God hood. Bible rejects all other prophets and also rejected Koran as false and misleading. Sadly all following Islam are on the path of condemnation and destruction since only the Lord Jesus who is the Way the Truth and the Life is the Savoir of mankind.

3 months ago
Indeed sometime worshipping is very hard, but Allah SWT give u an advice how to greatly boost our iman.

- Do charity (sadaqah).
- Do salam to everyone.
- Gave food to our neighbor.

Allah SWT gave us advice to take action to greatly boost our iman. People who do action will find the true meaning of ikhlas, inshaa allah.

3 months ago
Help me! Reply ayone who can answer this a best friend of mine is always acting like girl and he offered me two times that we would go in girl dressing i warnned him about allah and the sign tht men will b dressing like woman and woman will bebdressing like men i told him but he says it is not a sin wr just making our heart happy. Advice me should i broke compananionship with him or not but i alwaysthink that he is vry dangerous for my imaan? Advise me please!

3 months ago
It's not just Iman, when you get one tracked in anything in life, you lose concentration and motivation.

3 months ago
Prophet's path, you are doing a great job brother
May Allah grant you jannah💟💟💟

3 months ago
Good video mashallah👍

3 months ago
Maa shaa Allah amazing lecture . Who is the speaker ?

3 months ago
أبدعها الله وصوّرها @المنتقبة@

3 months ago

3 months ago
When this happens I think about my goal jannah and everything is ok I suffer from bipolar depression but I always keep Allah subhuana wa ta'la on my mind and in my heart for I know what is to come and believe . la ilaha illallah muhammadur rasulullah

3 months ago

3 months ago
And Another way :
whating your videos

3 months ago
Jazakum Allah khairan

3 months ago
Jazaak Allah👍Ma sha Allah🌷🍃😍

3 months ago

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