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Tommy Wiseau On Why James Franco Was Perfect For 'The Disaster Artist' | Los Angeles Times
   Los Angeles Times
  Published: 4 months ago


Cult filmmaker Tommy Wiseau ("The Room") explains why he agreed to give actor-director James Franco his life rights for "The Disaster Artist" and critiques what Franco got right -- and wrong -- in his performance as Tommy. The pair stopped by the L.A. Times studio at the Toronto International Film Festival, along with Franco's brother Dave, who plays Wiseau's real life friend and "Room" co-star Greg Sestero.


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Comments Directly on YouTube

18 hours ago
James franco is man spreading so much

3 days ago
Lmao, James Franco is treating him like a retard.

4 days ago
Who else thinks Tommy is a legitimately great artist?

4 days ago
Just now, in an interview with a polular late show host, James Franco played im front of a massive live audience one of Tommy's personal recordings.

As we know, these were stolen by Greg and sent to Franco.

This, along with plenty of other clips, leads me to believe that Franco has zero consideration for Tommy.

5 days ago
Hey the same outfit as when appearing as guest in the Kimmel show.

5 days ago
Notice the hand shake

6 days ago
Greg looks like he regrets making the room. Like he feels incredibly embarrassed by it

6 days ago
Haha execpt on seth meyers

7 days ago
What Is the secret tommy and franco are talking about? Is Tommy gay or something?

7 days ago

7 days ago
I wonder if this man is actually mentally ill and I’m not laughing I mean it - he was born in Poland by the way and he’s 63

1 week ago
I'm from Poland and 100% sure Tommy is from Poland ! you can't be wrong abt this accent if you from Poland. Also, my country is very strange, absurd just like Tommy, it fits perfectly. We were called ''the funniest barrack of Europe'' even when the communists ruled. We were in the East, and we wanted West. We are Slavs, but coz of our complex history we hate Russia&love U.S. An Australian, Michael Moran, who fell in love with Poland & lived in Poland even wrote book abt us '' A Country in the Moon: Travels in Search of the Heart of Poland''. And Tommy is also from the Moon, I mean - Poland, for sure :)

1 week ago
Aside from tommy. Those 3 look like brothers and sisters.

1 week ago
it's good to see that Tommy is a good sport

1 week ago
I wish someone would look at me the way James looks at Tommy

1 week ago
the last part was beautiful

1 week ago
Great great film!!! Just saw it and it changed my life! ( ha ha ) Tommy smile is unique by the way... :)
The team should bring it to México. People would love to see it on wide screen!
ha ha Loved it!
The real film "The Room"

1 week ago
I think Tommy's an alien.

2 weeks ago
James manspreaded Tommy into inexistence

2 weeks ago
good God, I'll watch another movie with Tommy in it- a 100 times..! Guy is so authentic and contagious !!!!

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