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  Published: 2 months ago


LOOK OUT IT'S RIGHT BEHIND YOU!! Strap in for even more scary games!

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Comments Directly on YouTube

12 hours ago
so i'm not the only one who turned this on expecting a naruto horror game am i?

1 day ago
the sharingan on the thumbnail anyone noticed it

1 day ago
The burgling one was creepy af but mark just made it fucking hilarious xD

2 days ago
28:11 I said "oh Harry Potter" than Mark said "I bet Harry Potter lived here"

3 days ago
Was that madara's mangekio shaeingan in the thumbnail?

5 days ago
Markiplier is too nice a guy to say it, so I will.

Whoever made Creeper outta be ashamed of themselves. That was some pathetic garbage.

5 days ago
I like the voice overs you do/narations- they add a really good kick to your vids. I really love them! Makes me really imagine what it's like to be there

5 days ago
" NOBODY correct me if I'm wrong " lol

5 days ago
1:48 2+2 is fou! -1 is 3 quick muth!

6 days ago
26:12 me when people ask why I don't read

6 days ago
Veranda is a Czech word for porch

1 week ago
0:38 “E“

1 week ago
Burgling intensifies

1 week ago
and 15:00 they both are funny

1 week ago
11:15 me XDDD

1 week ago
Did anybody else notice the mangekyou sharingan in the in the thumbnail

1 week ago
30:43 LOL that ACTUALLY scared me😂😂😂😂😂 I didn’t think u were actually gonna put a face there so I didn’t see it coming, the music got me too

1 week ago
20:16 haha, i played this game and remember this part and the other ones, I could not stop laughing

1 week ago
🎵 mister burgle man,he burgles your stuff,he burgles for life,he a burglary burgle man,he goes by the name,MISTER BURGLE MAN, P.S he loves burgurables 🎶

1 week ago
I'm the man

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