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  Published: 1 week ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

4 days ago
Tolong, subtitle Indonesia

5 days ago
What is the name of background music?

6 days ago
Be proud im proud im ugly masha Allah in jannah Allah will make me handsome

6 days ago
Wow. I literally was feeling so low after having my son and felt so ugly in my husbands eyes as he never looks at me. An I see how he looks at other women 😭

6 days ago
Whose the speaker ????

6 days ago
who's the speaker?

7 days ago
I'm ugly and that's the truth :)

7 days ago
The gift every Muslim has from Allah is that Allah made them to be Muslim. That means Allah choose you to go to Jannah and show Allah that you worth it. I hope you all go to Jannah

7 days ago
This was a much needed topic to be discussed. May Allah guide us all. Ameen.

7 days ago
What's the name of background nasheed plzz reply

7 days ago
I feel ugly My selfconfidence is really destroyed, no woman wants to marry me, this left me depressed and also weakend my imaan

7 days ago
i don't care about physical to be honest because we are not the ones who created our faces... being handsome is blessing from Allah but it's danger at he same time if u use it in haram things . the real blessing from Allah is to be ok not too ugly and not too beautiful and in fact being too ugly will make you to be at the top at judgment day

7 days ago

7 days ago
It's horrible to look down at someone who has spots or any problems on there body ect.... It's a hard life but we all have to love one another for the sake of Allah! Our beauty will be in hereafter when we all enter jannah with bright faces inshallah.

1 week ago

1 week ago
Everyone is BEAUTIFUL🥰
Allah(swt) is our creator and never call one of his creations ugly!! Don’t ever feel compare your self to someone better there you but think of those of who are in worser pyshical conditions 🙏🏾 if you are reading this right now, you have eyes say allhamdulliah. If you are listening to this video, you have good ears say allhamdulilah. If your using your phone or other object, you have hands say allhamdulilah. If you have legs say allhamdulilah and if you are saying allhamdulilah be thankful because u can speak. And if you are understanding this say allhamdulilah that your Muslim and that u took the right path and don’t have to regret it on the day of destruction, looks don’t matter as long as you have a good heart and hope we all go to heaven/jannah in sha Allah 😄🙌🏾

1 week ago
English transliteration of duaa at 8:59 inshAllah

1 week ago
Looks are about a persons taste.
Everyones is different so you shouldnt feel the hurt . you should realise that it dont matter what people say about your look. And make your heart a beauty thats our goal.
Ugly person could look good in your eyes if his rightious.
Beautiful ppl will look ugly if you know there evil. You will look at them with disgust like their lump of shit.

1 week ago
The names of Allah (S.W.T)

Allah - The single, proper name for God in Islam
Ar-Rahman - The Compassionate, The Beneficent
Ar-Raheem - The Merciful
Al-Malik - The King, The Sovereign Lord
Al-Quddoos - The Holy
As-Salaam - The Source of Peace
Al-Mu'min - The Guardian of Faith
Al-Muhaimin - The Protector
Al-'Aziz - The Mighty, The Strong
Al-Jabbaar - The Compeller
Al-Mutakabbir - The Majestic
Al-Khaaliq - The Creator
Al-Bari' - The Evolver, The Maker
Al-Musawwir - The Fashioner
Al-Ghaffaar - The Great Forgiver
Al-Qahhaar - The Subduer, The Dominant
Al-Wahhaab - The Bestower
Al-Razzaaq - The Sustainer, The Provider
Al-Fattaah - The Opener, The Reliever
Al-'Aleem - The All-Knowing
Al-Qaabid - The Retainer
Al-Baasit - The Expander
Al-Khaafid - The Abaser
Al-Raafi' - The Exalter
Al-Mu'iz - The Honorer
Al-Muthil - The Humiliator
As-Samee' - The All-Hearing
Al-Baseer - The All-Seeing
Al-Hakam - The Judge
Al-'Adl - The Just
Al-Lateef - The Subtle One
Al-Khabeer - The Aware
Al-Haleem - The Forebearing
Al-'Azeem - The Great One
Al-Ghafoor - The All-Forgiving
Ash-Shakoor - The Grateful
Al-'Aliyy - The Most High
Al-Kabeer - The Great
Al-Hafeez - The Preserver
Al-Muqeet - The Maintainer
Al-Haseeb - The Reckoner
Al-Jaleel - The Sublime One
Al-Kareem - The Generous
Ar-Raqeeb - The Watcher
Al-Mujeeb - The Responsive
Al-Wasi' - The Vast
Al-Hakeem - The Wise
Al-Wadood - The Loving
Al-Majeed - The Glorious
Al-Ba'ith - The Resurrector
Ash-Shaheed - The Witness
Al-Haqq - The Truth
Al-Wakeel - The Trustee
Al-Qawiyy - The Strong
Al-Mateen - The Firm One
Al-Waliyy - The Supporter
Al-Hameed - The Praiseworthy
Al-Muhsee - The Counter
Al-Mubdi' - The Originator
Al-Mu'eed - The Reproducer
Al-Muhyi - The Restorer
Al-Mumeet - The Destroyer
Al-Hayy - The Alive
Al-Qayyoom - The Self-Subsisting
Al-Waajid - The Perceiver
Al-Waahid - The Unique
Al-Ahad - The One
As-Samad - The Eternal
Al-Qaadir - The Able
Al-Muqtadir - The Powerful
Al-Muqaddim - The Expediter
Al-Mu'akh-khir - The Delayer
Al-'Awwal - The First
Al-'Akhir - The Last
Az-Zaahir - The Manifest
Al-Baatin - The Hidden
Al-Walee - The Governor
Al-Muta'ali - The Most Exalted
Al-Barr - The Source of All Goodness
At-Tawwaab - The Acceptor of Repentance
Al-Muntaqim - The Avenger
Al-'Afuww - The Pardoner
Ar-Ra'uf - The Compassionate
Malik Al-Mulk - The King of Kings
Thul-Jalali wal-Ikram - The Lord of Majesty and Bounty
Al-Muqsit - The Equitable
Al-Jaami' - The Gatherer
Al-Ghaniyy - The Self-Sufficient
Al-Mughni - The Enricher
Al-Maani' - The Preventer
Ad-Daarr - The Distresser
An-Nafi' - The Propitious
An-Noor - The Light
Al-Haadi - The Guide
Al-Badi' - The Incomparable
Al-Baaqi - The Everlasting
Al-Waarith - The Inheritor
Ar-Rasheed - The Guide to the Right Path
As-Saboor - The Patient

1 week ago
I know Allah that look doesn't matter to u but U made a world where it matters...u know Allah how hard it is to survive in world being ugly....u know Allah people judge by look... Allah only U can understand that pain... Allah makes us beautiful inside n outside...Allah.

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