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Should You Game On a Server CPU?
  Published: 3 months ago


Would a server CPU with a high core count be a sensible option for your gaming rig - if the price is right?

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Comments Directly on YouTube

11 hours ago
i think that buying a used 6+ core will definitely be an upgrade from my AMD phenom ii x4 955 processor i have at the moment

1 day ago
Hello ı need help ı have a hp dl g5 server but ı do not know how to setup windows 7 or + of windows 7 because different bios than normal computer ı tried to setup win 7 with usb bu it does not work it is about usb should ı try with a cd ? and if it is not posbile please help :)

2 days ago
Haven't watched yet, but I'm assuming no. Most games don't utilise multiple cores and are most optimised by the clock speed so unless server CPUs have 4GHz+ or whatever, I doubt it'd be anything better than just a regular CPU.

4 days ago
after puting server cpu into client motherboard you have to make bios mode becouse the stock one doesnt have operation protocols for server cpu's flags, so most OS wont boot. btw OC xeon on lga 775 is gaming 4ever

5 days ago
Im having a tech problem, its not letting me like AND dislike your video, it keeps forcing me to choose

5 days ago
Continuity error. Linus' hair is all spiky in the main part of the video but his hair is short and flat in the Synergy commercial.

6 days ago
Pretty sure I did this years ago and swapped a pentium 4 with a higher clocked Xeon I ‘found’ at work (was junk anyway).

Damn it worked well back then..

6 days ago
The Second Hand market is real! Data centres migrating to new platforms dump all the CPUs and RAM in bulk dirt cheap on eBay. I picked up a cheap Mac Pro 2010 model, gave it 24GB of RAM and a pair of X5690's for less than £300! Add a 980 Ti, it games at 1440p144 and edits video like a champ - especially considering it's basically an 8 year old system now!

6 days ago
so you're saying i can play all games with my Intel Core i7 860 @ 2.80GHz, yeah it's old but it works

1 week ago
This for those who want a reasonable upgrade with low cost can get some juice from these models e5-1620 / 1620 v2 / E5-1650 and 1660 hexas yummy and can surpass some builds like 6600k 7400 and some 7500 :))

1 week ago
What about my intel 4 pentium

1 week ago
My x3470 like i7 6700k

1 week ago
Play Company of Hoes^Z^Z^Zeroes 2 on a Xeon and you will see a difference... I guess because of the many little KI threads used there and the quad channel memory...

1 week ago
Doll viewer structural criteria lens survive column expense PM.

1 week ago
I actually ran Tomb Raider 2013 on Ultimate on a Celeron PC clocked at 1.40 GHz.

1 week ago
Can i have a free gtx 670 pls I'm stuck with a GT 720 😢

1 week ago
Actually when the chips were cheap, I nabbed a pair of used Xeon E5-2680 for $150 total. I happen to already have a ex-virtualization server with appropriate dual processor motherboard and 128GB ECC RAM. Now I have a 32-thread beast but sadly it have to idle for now as I don’t have a workload for it anymore.

2 weeks ago
E5 xeon 1680 v4 @3,4 ghz to 3,7ghz, 8 cores 20 mb kesh:) i can't complain almost 2 years in use inside my graphics workstation... Only the price is wtf?' intel dudes srsly..;(

2 weeks ago
Jo Linus how about testing the new laptops with Qualcom processors!?

2 weeks ago
He cut his hair between 4:45 and 4:50

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