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Walmart makes Gaming PCs??? - The WAN Show Nov 2, 2018
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 2 weeks ago


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Timestamps courtesy of WestOfAsh

0:00 WAN show time
2:54 intro
4:00 Wal-Mart ok pc
11:25 straw poll
14:00 keebler elf
19:20 Apple slowed down iPhone again
24:00 iPhone rant
29:30 pixel 3 xl and Android gripes
38:40 freshbooks
39:30 squarespace
40:30 pia sponsor
43:00 breath of the wild
46:00 note knee jerk reaction and twitch chat
54:54 super chat
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Comments Directly on YouTube

4 hours ago
09:46 ..Hmmm, a 50/50 split poll. Perfect opportunity to do a hardware review. And wrap it up with.. 'Well, it depends!'

1 day ago
I miss Luke...

2 days ago
I agree with Andrew Rainville. You guys need to make a whole video on reviewing Walmart’s OP line. Maybe with Fortnite, Minecraft, etc. and some basic functions with the OS. Maybe check out cpu/GPUs usage while playing games and the FPS, along with some speed test against other PCs.

2 days ago
I'm giving Walmart the benefit of the doubt, they may legit be trying, who knows, they are using Gigabyte GPU's, and Gigabyte Motherboards, so........MAAAYYBE it won't be shit? I mean they are asking 1.4 grand for the baseline? and 1.4 grand can build a similarly speced pc? so.....Cautious Optimism?

2 days ago
i have a question ! 300 euros for iphone 6 compare to 300 euros for an android isnt worth it?i have the sence that android os is lagging over time but ios is smooth .im i wrong in this?

2 days ago
33:00-35:00 OK, we've established that neither Google, Samsung, Apple nor Blackberry paid for preferential treatment. Confirmed: Microsoft is the one pulling the strings. Windows Mobile forever!

2 days ago
lol video just cut out

3 days ago
Apple is garbage. Never support their products.

4 days ago
YouTube chat is pretty awful compared to Twitch chat, ouch

5 days ago
OP3 do a teardown, and all your normal testing

6 days ago
I miss luke doing videos

6 days ago
lmao @ the reaction to 130 hours played in breath of the wild. that's so quaint.

6 days ago
offset trackpad is so that your palms can rest on either side while you're typing. The thought being that your hand position will be offset too because of the numpad.

1 week ago
130 hours?
Gotta pump those numbers up, those are rookie numbers in this racket. I myself, I play a game of dota2 and pubg and WoT, atleast twice a day

1 week ago
130 hours in BOTW? Amatur ;)

1 week ago
actually if everything was in front of him i imagine he would b able to get a computer together n actually boot it i imagine alot of us would b able to with the right amount of time n with everything in front of us..i mean i hope wed b able to iv been buildin random rigs for years i feel like id b able to feel my way around the board n sockets, the hardest part would b the processor but even that can b done by feel, everythings keyed or has dedicated sockets its kind of hard to mess up if ur not being careless or drop anything it would deff make n interesting video

1 week ago
Absolutely please review the Walmart OP computers!

1 week ago
micro dab looks like you're smelling your finger. just so you know.

1 week ago
Linus at 33:36 when you're talking those ppl who were commenting all caps "LINUS WAS PAID BY APPLE" - I'm pretty sure most of those ppl are trolling/memeing - I don't think you need to worry about that.

To the ppl who actually genuinely think he was paid by apple: If Linus had taken money from Apple, made a video about how great the iphone is, and didn't up front say it either in the video or in the description, then Linus would have done something pretty illegal, and could face consequences as a result if caught. He would have had to say it was a video sponsored and paid for by apple, which tbh is already a sketch thing to do, taking money from a company and saying how great they are - Linus deserves a bit more credit than that, he's fairly up front about what his personal opinion and experience is (I'm sure he hides some stuff, but no more than anyone else), and I don't think he should have to address the trolly meme fuckboiis who make up conspiracies in the comments section.

1 week ago
I barely ever use my phone even as a phone. It's a pocketwactch more than anything else. I don't have an android, or an iPhone - it's a "feature" phone most features of which I don't even use.

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