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Walmart makes Gaming PCs??? - The WAN Show Nov 2, 2018
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 5 months ago


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Timestamps courtesy of WestOfAsh

0:00 WAN show time
2:54 intro
4:00 Wal-Mart ok pc
11:25 straw poll
14:00 keebler elf
19:20 Apple slowed down iPhone again
24:00 iPhone rant
29:30 pixel 3 xl and Android gripes
38:40 freshbooks
39:30 squarespace
40:30 pia sponsor
43:00 breath of the wild
46:00 note knee jerk reaction and twitch chat
54:54 super chat
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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 month ago
Keebler Elf. LMAO. That was hilarious

1 month ago
12:36 is it bad that I know what anime that pillow is from?

2 months ago
Linus would be one of those really hyperactive dwarf hamsters

2 months ago
why isn't the guy on the right in the videos anymore?

3 months ago
Cool !

4 months ago
lols (and "Smh") at all these "titles" or vids and reviews and articles ALL MISLEADING and SPREADING OF ignorant MISINFORMATION. "WALMART" DOES NOT, i repeat does NOT "MAKE" ANYTHING. \ nothing! zilch, zero, nada! m'kay! for one thing. Secondly, these PCs would be better called "eSports Arena" computers, not "Walmart computers". BUT EVEN STILL "E-sports arena" did not MAKE anything on the PCs either!..NOT EVEN THE CASE. ok! And yes, again i say.. "Walmart" does not MAKE anything,..not even their so-called "house brands/store-brands" or aka "private-label" brands. There is no "Walmart factory" making things, ok. lol. Walmart does NOT even "Make" their "Great Value" or "Equate" or "Mainstays" - (to name a few), products! Does anybody have any brains? lol?! .. "Walmart" is in the "Retail" business, or, might as well say "RE-SELL" business. Yes, they're basically a "middle-man" ..they buy stuff and re-sell it, etc! They dont "make/manufacture/produce" anything. nothing. ***Unless someone can prove me wrong on that, ..but i highly doubt you can ........

4 months ago
why is linus saying this year in November and stuff?

4 months ago
"See you next week, same bad t..."

4 months ago
34:13 - "There is no tribe" in buying apple products!? Now I definitely know you're lying your ass off!
People join tribes because it makes them feel safe, and strong. So no Linus, you're so fucking wrong in this one.
There is a tribe when you support a politician, or an ideology. There is even a tribe when you follow a sports team, or a celebrity.
And there is DEFINITELY a FUCKING TRIBE in iphone users! So stop making a fool out of yourself on camera!
It's moronic, and I agree with you that they are just products. But this thing, this collective of people who support each other, even when wrong, ESPECIALLY when wrong, it is real! It is undeniable! It happens! So just accept it, and stop lying to yourself, and us.

4 months ago
review the walmart junk please

4 months ago
59:11 same bat

4 months ago
Wait... he doesn't really know what a keebler elf is?

4 months ago
Your iPhone assumptions fail to account for the fact that outside the US and Canada, Android eats Apple's breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Reasons? Far too expensive, and no local service.

4 months ago
eGPU means external GPU. Blackmagic is taking over the pro camera world, for those who can't afford RED (most of us)

4 months ago
The Wal-Mart PCs are garbage. 1 stick ram, hot-glued connectors, "Great Wall" PSU, SUX DOG BALLZ.

5 months ago
Walmart PC Total Garbage. Do not Buy. Do not Buy.

5 months ago
Socks and Sandals are Cool.

5 months ago
“Over Priced”

5 months ago
Are you serious? So there are just as many iOS enthusiasts as Android enthusiasts? lol.

I dont know about that one. I know you guys heard of XDA Developers, right? XDA is the biggest website for mobile phone modding and tweaking as a whole, and what are the most active forums on XDA? Android Devices. lol. iOS device forums on XDA are barely active, they barely get any traffic.

Enthusiasts just dont go out and blindly buy a newly released device just because its new and costs $2,000. Im an enthusiast, and i refuse to buy any phone that i cant modify to my liking. I would gladly pay $2,000 for a phone, as long as its worth my time.

Most, if not all die hard Apple fans would buy horse shit if it had an apple logo on it. Apple enthusiasts are not enthusiasts, they just love to blow money on products that under perform. They love blowing money on products that they dont even own, even after they spend all that money, since apple doesnt let you modify or tweak anything. You don't own apple products, you lease them.

Android is the complete opposite.

5 months ago
Review it

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