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I WANT to Recommend This... Corsair One (2019) Review
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 4 months ago


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The Corsair One (2019) is one hell of a computer, but is it worth the one hell of a price tag?

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Comments Directly on YouTube

21 hours ago
and this video is brought u by intel

5 days ago
I think you can probably drop the idea that this thing is going to be upgraded in any way other than CPU or memory in the future.

6 days ago
The $3600 is now at $3000 with amazon Prime deals. I already got $540 in gift card on my account so I’ll basically be paying $2400 for it from my card 😍

1 week ago
The only one question is how to avoid the ash to come inside and how to clean/maintain regularly.

2 weeks ago
Horribly priced computers, not unlike Alienware.

2 weeks ago
How much FPS does it get on minecraft with shaders installed? Asking for a friend...

2 weeks ago
It's a 2013 mac pro knockoff disguised as an axe bodywash bottle.

2 weeks ago
Looks like an axe bodywash bottle.

3 weeks ago
Only 10 left of this pc on amazon = rip

3 weeks ago
Can the GPU be swapped out at a later date?

3 weeks ago
why did it get a shit name?? the deuce lol

3 weeks ago
How does it compare to the mac?

3 weeks ago
that is the greatest intro ive ever heard, halo 1 pistol was the shit

3 weeks ago
really wanted to see linus drop a deuce

3 weeks ago
I would love one for a media center but that's $5,373.83 NZD plus shipping oh well Hello Ryzen .

3 weeks ago
This review is deuce.

3 weeks ago
Can I have one, please. :)

3 weeks ago
Sell this as a case damn it! 300 feels right with rads and psu

4 weeks ago
lol 4 grand for a pc that you can't upgrade..... no thanks

1 month ago
:( never will afford this

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