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Driving a MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR Autonomous Car!
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 1 month ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

11 hours ago
He actually managed not to drop it.

17 hours ago
What was that control box looking-thing the guy in the front passenger seat was holding?

23 hours ago
Little did linus know it's not autonomous it's just a midget in the boot

1 day ago
Oh yeah, it's forbidden to film and post the Eiffel Tower when the lights are on >.> (Because the lights are an later addition, meaning the architectural copyrights are still there.)

1 day ago
Nothing special. Boring car. for lazy idiots. Gayish interior and exterior.

1 day ago
Does it run on gas or electricity?

1 day ago
Yeah, what a freaking time to be alive... In the first world countries.

2 days ago
When a Canadian can’t speak French

2 days ago
where are the cheeeeeeze ? :D

2 days ago
All that tech and it can't even stay in its lane... @3:20

2 days ago
Where did Linus learn french from.

2 days ago
Thats tesla model 3 with VR headset

3 days ago
Most of this is today’s tech and available on mass produced cars, like Tesla. Just try one...

3 days ago
Why do i see the steering weel be controlled by the passenger at ~2:00 ... fake?

3 days ago
From a Frenchman: Congratulations for your French! You surprised me! You do sound very good and your accent is très cute! Love your tech videos by the way, so keep entertaining us ;-)

3 days ago
What a time to be alive indeed

4 days ago
French is like that odd brother from the Romance Language family.

4 days ago

4 days ago
ye it's not like u are gonna look like a total idiot wearing a vr headset in your car

4 days ago
You know allot of this technology does already exist in production vehicles from Mercedes Benz such the S Class

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