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Tom Hardy Is Venom!
   ScreenJunkies News
  Published: 2 years ago


This morning The Hollywood Reporter broke news that Mad Max and The Revenant star Tom Hardy is in final negotiations to take on the role of Venom in Sony’s solo anti-hero film. Director Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland and Santa Clarita Diet) is also in final negotiations to helm the flick. Will this work??

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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 month ago
Here to say that this movie was legit and Hardy is THE Eddie and Venom that we need!

8 months ago
hey that was a fantastic idea man...have mayday parker or gwen stacey as the spider person of the sony universe..there are multiple versions of spidermen out there..think about it..

10 months ago
Who remembers the ultimate spider man game I the venom segment is going to be the movie

11 months ago
Homecoming sucked !!!!!

1 year ago
Venom movie could start with the simboit falling onto Brock

1 year ago
tom hardy is an extremely talented, great, entertaining actor

1 year ago
Well, technically, Sony can create the standalone Venom movie without involving Spider man, just have to be creative on how they do it. First of all, Tom Hollands Spider-man is still in high school, he need to get a job and a photographer in Daily Bugle to meet Eddie Brock and then the rivalry starts and you know how the story goes.... This venom movie can be a story that is happening in a different time line where Eddie is already Venom and dealing with his good and bad side, day to day struggles as both Eddie and Venom, more like a split personality and Tom Hardy got such a range to do that. Now the main question here is, how to explain the origin of Venom without involving Spider-man,

We didn't see an origin of how Tom Hollands Spider man got his powers in the Home coming either, still we managed to understand . Here is one simple way to show the origin of Venom. when the title credit shows the name of the movie and the characters starring, Sony can show the origin of venom as an animation in the background with an excellent music score. and when the last name in the credit (usually the directors name) comes, we can cut the animation to real life, where Tom Hardy opening his eyes, waking up from his bed naked and with blurry memory of last night as venom.

1 year ago
Spidey vs Venom. Now imagine, Tom Holland vs Tom Hardy

1 year ago
I think Venom should smoke cigars!

1 year ago
Why couldn't sony use the spiderman rights to make a miles morales spiderman movie with donald glover. Seperate from the mcu and they can do cool universe shit on their own.

1 year ago
um I don't trust sony

1 year ago
Sony???????????????!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought Marvel was not owned by Sony anymore

1 year ago
Love the director, but not for this project.

1 year ago
if no one says "you're a big guy" to venom, i will boycott

1 year ago
YES!!! Tom Hardy as venom will be so bad ass

1 year ago
I'm sorry but Tom Hardy is a poor choice to play Eddie Brock. At least pick someone who looks more similar to character in the comics

1 year ago
Can't they have Andrew Garfield as Spider-man? isn't he still contracted with Sony after the amazing Spider-man fell apart?

1 year ago
Sony does not do their research on marvel characters

1 year ago
Lol villans get their own movie.and the amazing spiderman might make a apperances

1 year ago
Did someone say Nick Offerman being in the movie too?

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