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  Published: 2 weeks ago


hope u all had a great xmas and new years

Outro Song: JOSH A - NO CHILL
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5 seconds ago
Upload more often cheap ass

3 minutes ago
Yay 4M

9 minutes ago
Face raveal don

19 minutes ago
Yay you have 4 mill

21 minutes ago
yOu HaVe hAcKs YoU aRe A nOoB

22 minutes ago
Bro ur actually the funniest YouTube by far absolutely love ur vids keep up the great work 😂

24 minutes ago
Plz like this ...... fear you have 4 million

28 minutes ago
Lol :)

33 minutes ago

34 minutes ago
Who is here after THE 4 MILLLLLLL

36 minutes ago
You have 4 million subs congrats

43 minutes ago
How do you get good quality on Xbox one?

51 minutes ago

16.january 15:09 o'clock

54 minutes ago
Fe4rless can i play with jou pls my name is NL GTA5

58 minutes ago
Congrats on 4 million subscribers!

1 hour ago
You are my favorite YouTuber code:fearlicia in item shop

1 hour ago
free takishi69

1 hour ago
Can you play with me I’m on PS4. Your so funny I need you to teach meh de wet boio

1 hour ago
my man got into a game with my friend

1 hour ago
I love ur channel

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