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How 1 Man Survived Being Lost 438 Days at Sea
  Published: 3 months ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

35 minutes ago
It’s sad that there may be more people stuck at sea this very moment

3 hours ago
Wow. a movie needs to be made on his ordeal

5 hours ago
What if we stopped having kids for the next 30 decades?

6 hours ago
438 days without Fapping must have been very hard. I mean its just embarrassing to Fap when your friend is in front and Faping in presence of dead body no chance

6 hours ago
Thats why i love bear grylls skill💕💕❤❤❤

6 hours ago

12 hours ago
Think of this from Mexico have been survived 438 days lost and have been reached Ebon Atoll (which is an remote area) and going to the Philippines by 240 days with a small boat. thats impressive and imposible

If you add it the total number is
678 days!

16 hours ago
The people who sued him deserve to rot. No one can convince me otherwise

1 day ago
He ate his friend

1 day ago
Surviving 438 days at sea

Mr.beast: hold my beer

1 day ago
Lost at sea? Do you even English, bro?

1 day ago
This story might seem short. But a whole 438 DAYS!!!! That’s over a year. He’s been living over a year on a boat!!!! OMG, you have to give him props for that, that’s insanely incredible.

1 day ago
Good video, but your editors may want to get a dictionary. [ ". . .as far as the horizon can see." 4:34] I don't think the horizon can see anything...

2 days ago
438 days..they need to make a movie about him that guy deserved a real and big recognizion hope he is getting it on his country.

2 days ago
A good video, but “On accident”? The term is by accident. My 5 year old knows better. Thinks happen by accident, not on accident. Or you can say “accidentally.” If so, your videos will be better. When you’re communicating through words, the words which you select matter greatly.

2 days ago
Ffffffuck no

2 days ago
im glad philippines was mentioned :D

2 days ago
It’s pretty crazy to think this guy missed all of 2013.

2 days ago
life of pi

3 days ago

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