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How 1 Man Survived Being Lost 438 Days at Sea
  Published: 3 weeks ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

16 minutes ago
The real question is, Did he got paid for the overtime?

2 hours ago
3:56 How do you catch turtles with your own urine?

3 hours ago
Not to be negative or anything but why didnt they just swim the 15 miles?

3 hours ago
This guy needs to be on JRE

4 hours ago
That’s their fault for going out during a storm once me, my uncle, and my dad we’re mahi fishing in the Atlantic Ocean and it was dead flat then a storm came, keep in mind that our boat is a 23 foot center console and we were 30 miles from port canaveral so the waves went from calm to 8 or 9 feet and the occasional 10 it was horrible and it took us 4 hours because we were going against the 30 some odd mph wind and that sucked.

4 hours ago
1st comment

5 hours ago
Why didn’t they just jump out as soon as their engine died

5 hours ago
earth is not a spinning ball...dodo.....

6 hours ago
More than 1 year?! I would die on the first day.

6 hours ago
he's the true raft player

7 hours ago
this would make a good survival video game

7 hours ago
the real life of pi

8 hours ago
If they were fisherman then they should have had enough hooks to last that journey...fat and fished out is not unthinkable.

8 hours ago
Now this what i call as RAFT

9 hours ago
Did he go to the "Death" "Triangle" I dont know what its called but did he go there?

9 hours ago
they showed philipines as the next stop on the map because on the flat earth map it makes more sense. while globe map is wrong in many distances between things. While they'll just say its the "current" that blocks passage

9 hours ago
i challenge you to take no food/water only bait and see if you can survive by hunting wildlife for their blood. not gunna happen even with equipment and a boat with shade

9 hours ago
Awww...Me radio died

9 hours ago
Ahhhhh" what's on the menu today..
Menu: Turtle blood
Me: i should've saved that McDonald's coupon.

9 hours ago
But where's the tigerrrr

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