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AMD Radeon VII... We NEED to talk
  Published: 2 weeks ago


The wait for AMD's new flagship Radeon VII is over! But how does it compare to Vega 64, GTX 1080Ti and RTX 2080?

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Comments Directly on YouTube

22 minutes ago
So here's my $700 and it will be ok later ... D'oh!

2 hours ago
Radeon VII just another reason why one should wait for navi.

3 hours ago
The reviewer has wisdom gray hair

7 hours ago
AMD drivers are 100% Trash.... I put up with it for 10 years of BS.

8 hours ago
I miss when Radeon was owned by ATI.... Least then they actually competed. I'm not buying another AMD product, until I see little to no driver issues and actually beat their competitors in performance. For the 20-60 bucks you save on an AMD build, is not worth the BS.

9 hours ago
I think those direct X 12 numbers are extremely impressive. With maturity in drivers, this card should perform level with a 2080

11 hours ago
I like Jay and he isn't my favorite Tech Youtuber, but can we all just take a second to recognize how nicely he presents his graphs? No annoying talking over rushed slides, just some music and he really gives you enough time to take in the information. Keep it up Jay!

12 hours ago
I've waited for better drivers since 2006 but Radeon VII is not so bad it seems. I sure hope that AMD can get it stable. Nvidia is not doing their best at the moment so it's an important opportunity for AMD to win back some market share. Keep us posted :)

13 hours ago
As time goes on my r9 390 doesn't seem to age as quickly as nvidia... My buddies 980 used to destroy my setup but with these newer games the tables are starting to turn..

14 hours ago
typical crap amd drivers sigh i was once a fanboi, but no more. I was becoming a nvidia fanboi, but dem prices make me cry, so I just kind of like them more.

16 hours ago
Synthetic benchmarks are maximum calculation power, and it's good if you want to calculate, like in protein folding like @[email protected], WorldCoomuniGrid, [email protected], it's always good and important to know. For example in that Time Spy rendering if we take the Radeon 7 performance and extrapolate linearly: 8,841/15*16=9,430.4, so would be 64 CUs instead of 60, to get to the GTX 1080 Ti performance and 74 for the RTX 2080, but Radeon 7 is a MI-25, anyway it'd have 64 CUs, if the die is too big then make chiplets, I'd have thought of 4x16 CU GPU, +1 16 CU chiplet and boom you have the 2080 Ti/TITAN performance; anyway AMD is unlocking server-only-features with a server driver, for computing and Adrenaline driver for gaming, and making FP64 4x for computing, so maybe testing with both drivers next time
About the RADEON letters on top, I'd sawed off all the obstructing metal on top, and the back why is it covered? that's so dumb

16 hours ago
I'm 52 and have been into computers from the 486's on up and I have learned the most important golden rule when it comes to computers: if you buy the newest and top of the line, be prepared to be a beta tester for theses companies and help them working on getting the bugs out. I would much rather wait for a year or two when prices drop, all the kinks have been worked out and most of the time I realize that one I wanted so bad when it came out, was not worth getting at all. I think once the drivers are worked out should be a decent card. I never paid for a GPU over $350 and I'm happy with what I got.

17 hours ago
AMD drivers are a buggy mess. Who would've thought.

18 hours ago
Great review, thank you

18 hours ago
Yeah, no. Doing it the Hardware Unboxed way with 30 game benchmarks and no synthetics is the way to go. I couldn't give less of a shit how many points you get for watching your pretty movie.

18 hours ago
The new Radeon 7 needs a driver or firmware update. its got a problem with EFI on motherboards. Which is replacing the BIOs on most newer PC's. I like the fact they got 16GB VRAM. that must be great for games like the GTA series.

19 hours ago
So is the TLDR for normies that it's a great card if we wait a month or two for drivers to update?

22 hours ago
The last time I bought a AMD (ATI) card must be about 15 years ago and it's still the same: good cards with a great potential, delivered with crap drivers. Maybe Nvidia is overpriced, but everything runs like it should.

22 hours ago
It can Crossfire i just saw a video where a rewiever did it. Bad research Jay, bad review. Get that straight Jay.... And learn to use the driver. It is realy a great tool. I am very disapointed from you man. I tought you do unbiased revievs and i can rely on everything you say. This review is either not prepared well or it is biased. This video changed my view on you and your chanel.

23 hours ago
Learned more in 2in then any other vid .thx

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