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   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 8 months ago


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We got our hands on a PROTOTYPE video card from Intel. But does it actually do anything?...

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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 days ago
5:35 just to get this fuken midget to plug it into the motherboard ... then at 10:46 he FINALLY turns it on ... only to discover what I knew was going to happen before I clicked on this shitbox video ... it won't work w/out a driver ... dude has diarrhea of the mouth ...

2 days ago
That was almost really cool, C'est dommage.

Intel GPUs would have been great. I prefer Blue over red and green ;p

4 days ago
What's a good alternative to tvis channel, anyone pls??

5 days ago
Can't wait for Intel to make some keyboards and mice

5 days ago
You talk way too much, am getting ready to change and go to another channel!

6 days ago

6 days ago
Any update on this intel card since this video was released?

1 week ago
I wonder how many of LRB co-workers are watching this video? 360 Boat cruise anyone? ;-)

1 week ago
Click bait garbage

1 week ago
put it on Linux the kernel can run anything

1 week ago
So linus, any update on that??

1 week ago
First? What about the Intel740 AGP card.

1 week ago
you speak a lot.

1 week ago
It's a good presentation, but the presenter takes too much time trying to explain the concept of software. It's ok, we know what software is.

1 week ago
Bro this info is soo amazing

2 weeks ago
Sponsors have to talk to Colton, is that because nobody wants to talk to him?

2 weeks ago
I swear like every vid they make is sponsored

2 weeks ago
i know you shouldn't trust intel ....lost 15 min of my time

2 weeks ago
But can it run crysis?

2 weeks ago
Intel hd graphics just got real

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