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UNBELIEVABLE ! Top 10 Shocking Blind Auditions The Voice 2018
   TV Jolly
  Published: 4 months ago


link face please follow. thanks for watching my video

Top best the voice kids 2017, Best Blind The Voice USA 2017
Best Got Tanlent 2017, best songs cover 2017.
Best Piano Street 2017.
best Violin street cover 2017, best songs cover 2017. best most supring 2017. top 10 shocking performance 2017.
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Comments Directly on YouTube

54 minutes ago
Yg dari indonesia like

2 hours ago
I pressed for the thumbnail

3 hours ago

4 hours ago
When doves cry......... EPIC!

6 hours ago
1:42 fail hug

13 hours ago
Very good despacito cover 👍🏽

14 hours ago
😮 awesome 👏 performance

15 hours ago
mikayla... what's..!! you are so amazing dear..

18 hours ago
Ya'll don't have to like Despacito, but that guy freakin killed it. Mad respect.

21 hours ago
She killed I will always love you

23 hours ago
That Despacito-guy walking around like he already won haha!

24 hours ago
Aydan my crush

1 day ago
4:56 you never see me cry......starts crying

1 day ago
زينب صاحب تقدم

1 day ago
Since when JLo have an alias "delta"?

2 days ago
Delta looks like a mix of Jlo and Bella Hadid

2 days ago
whats that first girls snap tho????? lmao

2 days ago
The first girl sings just like Celine Dion

2 days ago
Love the first of the best 😊

2 days ago
i got the chills on the whitney houston girl

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