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The Untold Truth Of Venom
  Published: 6 months ago


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Few comic book characters conjure up horror and then heroism, and then back to horror again, better than Venom. Since debuting in Amazing Spider-Man #300, it wrapped its tendrils into the hearts of fans everywhere. With a new film starring Tom Hardy on the way, you may think you know all there is to know about the symbiote. But Venom has a long and curious history at Marvel that goes deeper than most people realize...

Fan-made | 0:24
Grandpa Venom | 1:07
Video game upload | 2:06
Venom for sale | 2:42
Identity crisis | 3:13
Lady Venom | 3:49
Deadpool wrecked Venom's mind | 4:22
Natural predator | 5:02
Species origin | 5:32

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Comments Directly on YouTube

10 hours ago
You have the best voice am I right lads or am I right lads?

2 days ago
I think the symbiotic suit origin should’ve always been a mystery

2 days ago
Venom is actually bisexual

5 days ago
What an an enthusiastic reader...

1 week ago
Venom isn’t really a pure villain, he’s more like an anti-hero.

1 week ago
5.26 did he say transview? Is that even a word? Lol

1 week ago
Also chocolate stops venom cravings for brains and calms his blood lust

2 weeks ago
Does anyone else have a hard time listening this ? When he speaks its ear piercing i dunno if its just the recording or what

2 weeks ago
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2 weeks ago
I sell yugioh cards 50 cent in Phoenix az and California see my videos on YouTube Yoani Castro I don't have a PUC on it

2 weeks ago
Tom hardy needs muscle suit and bulk up

2 weeks ago
im totally ok with the deadpool reboot where he had it first. fits.

2 weeks ago
DeadPool teached venom not to mess with him so the symbiote chose the wrong guy to bond with DEADPOOL

2 weeks ago
We are Venom

2 weeks ago
I knew almost all of these :(

2 weeks ago
If any of that stupid story arch shit makes into the movie I'm walking. Lol

2 weeks ago
Most of this i already knew

3 weeks ago
Genderless Child is that you!?

3 weeks ago
Check out Justin Kelley Meheran

3 weeks ago
rip badly snow mouth dilemma creative star step center wonder.

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