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Yosi Dina's secret $700,000 watch!
  Published: 4 months ago


Main camera:
B Roll camera:
Wide lens:
Less wide lens:
LAV mic:
Memory card 1:
Memory card 2:


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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 hours ago
Pussy tina,ha ha

4 hours ago
that watch that has the rainbow on the outside that's silver goes for 30k. Not 180k wow.

5 hours ago
why do you persist on going to these shady characters?

6 hours ago
Michael is a salesman's dream!!

18 hours ago
this expensive watch looks like a piece of shit

19 hours ago

24 hours ago

1 day ago
That jalopy-ass salesman needs his ass beat so bad.

1 day ago
Lmao almost nobody wants those rainbow Daytonas

1 day ago
that man was drunk

2 days ago
what the hell was happening

2 days ago
Yosi Dina looks like some fictitious movie villain. haha

2 days ago
“I tell you what”

2 days ago
That yosi is rude I wouldn't waste my time with him. I trying to by the rolex rainbow they are great.

2 days ago
Pair of idiots

2 days ago
If I was a billionaire and I bought something expensive from some other watch shop I would just visit yosi each time to tell him I’m not buying from him Cos of his shitty customer service skills . But what else can you expect from a towelhead

3 days ago
bro the packaging he's pulling those things out of.... they have fingerprint grease on them too... fake

3 days ago
this dude is ridiculous and those Rollies are fake

3 days ago
Yosi doesn't be quiet

3 days ago
I don’t give a shit how high end those watches are , in Philadelphia their worth $50 bucks

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