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"FEMALE ANGELS" (Powerful Recitation)
  Published: 4 months ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

4 weeks ago
what's the name of Quran reciter in this video ? please someone tell me .

1 month ago
Bro change the thumbnail

2 months ago
Please share the link of this complete Quran recitation!!!! Amazing voice... Gave me goosebumps ❤️

2 months ago
Very powerful

2 months ago
I just love his voice masha allah

3 months ago
They Cant Lie.

3 months ago
الله اكبر

3 months ago
This confused me , thinking their was maybe female angels .. انشاااله next time maybe a little more specific.

4 months ago
Change the name of the video it's wrong translation.
جزاك اللة خير

4 months ago
Salaam I want to subtitles all the videos in English. Please email me at

4 months ago
I just wanted to enlighten the viewers that there is no such thing as a female Angel or baby Angels base in the records from the Bible, Apocryphal / Canonical Books, History and etc. We can assess that they have no gender because they are created beings beyond us humans, but they have supernatural powers. All Angels always pictured out in a likeness of a man (male), as masculine, warrior, stated as HE and called as "Sons of God"! One sample, The fallen angels mated with a fine women (daughters of men) and begot giants in those days. Furthermore, these are the Angelic Hierarchy 1. SERAPHIM (Having 6 wings, the first and highest order), 2. CHERUBIM (the 4 living creatures having 4 faces, 4 wings & many eyes, God's throne bearer, with full of wisdom and enlightenment), 3. THRONES, 4. DOMINIONS, 5. VIRTUES, 6. POWERS, 7. PRINCIPLES, 8. ARCHANGELS (messenger / each has functions & tasking) and 9. ANGELS (watchers / some are soldiers of heaven / warriors). It is well explained... Let's believe in the truth (with proof), not theory (of a man's imagination)...

4 months ago
The phrase "Female Angels" is on quote. Which means it's not literal. And the verses of Allah show that.

4 months ago
Brother there isnt such a thing as female angles the kuffaar used to call the angles with female names. Angles are a creation made of noor and have no gender and allah knows best. Brother please change the name of the video to something else

4 months ago
The pagan Arabs, for example, called the angels; daughters of Allah, despite the fact that they themselves were disdainful of female offspring, and were so ashamed of them that they were inclined to bury their daughters alive. Allah (swt) thus condemns these ignorant beliefs and practices:

"Or has He (Allah) taken, out of that which He created, daughters, and honoured you with sons ? And, when one of them receives tidings of that which He sets up as a likeness to Allah Most Gracious (i.e. of a girl) his face becomes dark and gloomy and fill of grief....And they consider the angels, who are worshippers of Allah, to be females. Did they witness their creation ? Their testimony shall be recorded, and they will be asked."

(Qur’an 43:16,17,19)

Part of Yusuf Estes Guide US TV Project (tafsir ibn Khatir)

4 months ago
Subhanallah! Masha Allah!

4 months ago
Name of the reciter please

4 months ago
This thumbnail isnt ok I think... we dont know how angels look like. Choosing a picture from a creature with wings, thats how the christians etc. Think how the angels look like.

4 months ago
Exactly how come There is gender in angels??

4 months ago
Yess! Title should be changed!

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