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  Published: 2 weeks ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

20 hours ago
Can anyone tell me the name of this scholar

2 days ago
This video is so beautiful💕

3 days ago
Can anyone please tell me what's the name of the speaker??

6 days ago
These lectures don’t make me cry anymore I push myself to pray I used to talk to god all the time but now he himself is turning me away ... words don’t come to my tongue .... he is making me quite ... everybody who did wrong to me or to others are in very good state

6 days ago
We are humans we were sent to this world to live life in a good way.... but sometimes it’s not that simple or easy.... your test starts with your birth and you are tested on health, education, money and love .... all even health can be tolerated but when god leaves you all by yourself. Everytime... betrayal by man you start thinking that is this like what love from 70 mothers is.... why am I being tested for thirty years everytime by taking away the basics where my reward...

7 days ago
Subhanallah, what a good video. Save yourself for the special written one do not waste your time.

1 week ago
If a heart becomes attached to anything other than Allah, Allah makes him dependent on what he is attached to. And he will be betrayed by it - Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyya

1 week ago
I think if somebody go one two to uhra can t then help other people to go .its also a sign of love because all muslim want to go to mecka but all don t have the possibility to so why don t help those peoples than to go 10 time in mecka .I know ALLAH will love it to a lot .its part off charity .

1 week ago
We don t have yet the blessing ti to go to uhra but Allah is our life islam is our adorable religion we don t have another lover that Allah and we pray to go one day .inchallah

2 weeks ago
Who is the speaker

2 weeks ago
dear brothers can anyone tell who is the speaker?

2 weeks ago
Please Allah please Allah invite me as well please everyone make duaa for me I can go umhra

2 weeks ago
Love is in the name of Allah love your parents only worth loving 💖

2 weeks ago
Aslylam alaykum...I love some one but I am not in contact with him but I miss him when I miss him I call Allah n talk to Allah I don't ask Allah for him coz I don't know whether he is right for me or not but I have burden on my heart , still I am ashamed on my self I feel I am selfish n I can't control my desires... But at the same time when I miss him I come close to Allah....May Allah for give plz pray for me ...I feel I am the worst person of the world I am missing a boy ...

2 weeks ago
I cried throughout this lecture.. So beautifully put 💓

2 weeks ago
I know it is a good speech and mean to be good. But I can’t agree that you compare my love to Allah (swt) with the love to another human being. I think it is totally different love, it is beyond of every love in this word.

2 weeks ago
As Salaam Alaikum brothers and sisters
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2 weeks ago
But, I didn’t commit anything like contact(touching etc). None of that, I’m glad no one likes me because I’m just waiting for my death date.

2 weeks ago
I fell on this trap many times! And it was shaytaan plan to make a believer go astray.

2 weeks ago
Is cricket is haram for Islam?

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