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The motherboard NO ONE saw coming! And an RGB...chair?
  Published: 2 weeks ago


Check out these links from my CES sponsors:

NZXT unveils their N7 motherboard. Vertagear shows off an RGB gaming chair. What the hell is going on??

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Comments Directly on YouTube

11 hours ago
No thx I'm happy with my asrock z370 TAICHI

11 hours ago
You're fired.

18 hours ago
I have a retarded idea. Since monitors especially low resolution ones can go for aroudn $20, lets put on as a motherboard cover. It is possible and the whole purpose would be to make it look even more RGB like

2 days ago
that motherboard looks awesome ! iwant to steal it!

2 days ago
That board isn't worth it.. It's ugly.
You can get a Asus ROG z370 for the same price and it looks better and is just as good if not better.

2 days ago
That motherboard is stupidly priced

2 days ago
Wrong time for NZXT to release a MB. Market as screwed up as it is most people aren't buying anything at the moment. Looks to be a modders dream board though.

3 days ago
poop.... annnnd poop

5 days ago
an RGB chair that you are not looking at when doing anything on your computer is the largest wast of RGB I've ever seen in my, but somebody who wants the most over the top of the over the top of RGB builds is gonna get out here and waste money on

5 days ago
Wifey Sauce is cute :D

5 days ago
"Gosh I forgot to plug in my chair." :-/

6 days ago
I'm not a fan of the price, but I do like the shell.

If they could just make shells for a variety of popular boards, I think it would do way better.

6 days ago
I love the metal cover instead of cheap plastic, as well as the more conservative and classy aesthetic that they're going for. However for the price, you really don't get enough in terms of features. This board lacks stuff that alot of cheaper boards come with. However I think it looks so good that some people may be willing to overlook that. But it at least needs to be cheaper.

6 days ago
dafuq? When will cooler master make a board?

6 days ago
I like the steel cover...

6 days ago
Any ITX-Version of the Mainboard upcoming?

6 days ago
look. Cam cant even keep up during a stresstest. now its suposed to maintain my whole desktop? yah... I am not sold. But please amaze me. The board itself looks clean, I like the design.

6 days ago
fuck me RGB style! I want my underwear RGB from NZXT.....

6 days ago
Interesting idea !

7 days ago
Ugliest board ever, imo.

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