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The Weirdest Tech of CES 2018
   Austin Evans
  Published: 6 days ago


CES is a wonderful place full of weird, weird tech gadgets.
Trying the World's Thinnest Laptop at CES 2018:
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51 minutes ago
boy them vans are a couple of sizes too big!

1 hour ago
Ain’t going to lie you are pushing it with these jokes. Like everything you saw you had to push something out, I’m not hating or shit just like chill if you want to

5 hours ago
.com button because ctrl+enter is so last year.

5 hours ago
why does fuji sound like taylor when he's doing a japanese accent

5 hours ago
You are like a cooler Jim.

7 hours ago
Really Austin, you just couldn't let the guy finish his lunch? wtf?

7 hours ago
Why you find the gayest things at CES and put them in your video?

8 hours ago
madness i love it <3

8 hours ago
That ending tho

9 hours ago
"Hey guys, I'm Autistic"

9 hours ago
I bet in a couple of years the battery belt will be a thing and you will see kids wearing them. lol It's always the odd stuff that becomes trendy

12 hours ago
Giant keyboard? The reason anyone would do this is, if they could, which they can't, would be because they could, which they can't.

13 hours ago
the battery belts are interesting, if its waterproof/removeable.

13 hours ago
Hey guys, I'm exhausted.

14 hours ago
"Hey guys... This is aussssstin"

15 hours ago
"Razer does stuff because they can."
New company slogan? Methinks yes

16 hours ago
U feel what. ...?

22 hours ago
Why is this guys personality ass?

23 hours ago
Is if safe wear battery-belt during raining?

24 hours ago
Terrible video , only good thing you showcased was the large keyboard which was very nice

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