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YouTube ReRyan FAIL!
  Published: 2 weeks ago


So you might be wondering why our annual version of Youtube Rewind didn't happen last year.. well, just watch and you might understand.
See Bloopers and BTS here:

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Comments Directly on YouTube

19 minutes ago
Russia ratings 9/10

19 minutes ago
He has 20M subscribed people.

50 minutes ago
I love how Ryan actually made a point with these topics, but showed them in a sarcastic and funny way

2 hours ago
Dear Ryan, do a parody of Secret life of Pets with Marley

2 hours ago
dear ryan,can u. do a time travel?

2 hours ago

3 hours ago
Dear Ryan, can you kill Jake Paul?

3 hours ago

3 hours ago
lol they skipped Logan Paul and went for Pewdiepie

3 hours ago
Tee Ver 😂

3 hours ago
Distract 😂

4 hours ago
So much better than YouTube rewind

4 hours ago
bruh this is way better than the original. also, mic drop aghhh

4 hours ago
Dear ryan could you make havana into a rap song

4 hours ago
Dear ryan can you make parody of boruto the next generation

5 hours ago

6 hours ago
Damn the dark comedy

7 hours ago
So happy I started watching Asiantube again.

7 hours ago
How the heck did you get all those szechaun sauces. I had to wait in line for one.

7 hours ago
Dear Ryan, can you shave Greg's mustache .

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