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A $99 Laptop?! - Pinebook
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 2 weeks ago


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We got the cheapest laptop we could find- just $99. But is this notebook even usable?.. Depends: do you know how to use Linux?

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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 hours ago
I’d sooner buy a used T400 Thinkpad for similar money.

2 hours ago
i got a refurbished (a grade) i5 5th gen laptop for 180$ that was barely used.. there's so many of these out there its hard to justify buying a chromebook

4 hours ago
why do youtube videos, and youtube videos only, sound very canny and caged when i used headphones?

5 hours ago
for 99 you can get a used gen1 14" i5 laptop.... if you spring for an ssd it's like miles better already ...

5 hours ago
got an 93$ laptop by myria better than that,how its possible, its a bit similar the design.

6 hours ago
The short left Shift is actually common in Germany

7 hours ago
Might be cool as a chrome book or something

8 hours ago
The country with the small shifts is the UK, it's called ISO layout. I live in the UK and use ANSI layout

8 hours ago
Everytime I think of Canada 2:07

15 hours ago
Looking at my keyboard, looks like you will never move to Germany...

16 hours ago
my keyboard cost more then this

17 hours ago
so it's a raspberry pie mobile

18 hours ago
Just knowing it has 16gb of storage tells you you cant hardly download anything before its already full even if you upgrade it to 64gb now a days its not enough space.

19 hours ago
watching this on a 1200 dollar laptop. oof. shoulda got that thing! lol

19 hours ago
i want that hoody

22 hours ago
Going used instead of getting a product of such an abysmal quality is the better choice. I got a $160 laptop earlier this week. W10, i5-5200u, 4 gb of ram. Just slap 4 more gb and a ssd and you're good to go.

22 hours ago
how much do you want for that pinebook ive been looking for one for a project

1 day ago
As a Linux user, and with a lot of what I do, I could actually get a lot of use out of one of these.

1 day ago
Linus Team, I challenge you to make the best laptop in the world or make it to what you think is great or expected and have a professional judge it not anyone from your team 😋
Do it for your pride, if you even can anyway

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