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Nintendo Labo - You Missed the Point!
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 1 week ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 day ago
I built every game in the kit with my 3 year old son and we both had a blast. It was a simple way to introduce him to video games and it really does have awesome directions that are easy to follow. Then after we had a fun time actually building the devices, he was able to play all the games on his own as they are very intuitive.

I can't recommend it enough for people with young kids.

2 days ago
pretty useful tbh

2 days ago
0:55 didn't know the Wii u and these guys were gamers and techheads... Sure...

2 days ago
did he just turn a guy talking, joking or not, about his marriage into an ad about websites...

also yea the labo looks coll but if youre crafty or maybe like an engineer it seems cool. although the group than can get a lot out of it might not be the group it is marketed for. an engineer could do stuff like labo with other tools they may have. where as a kid may be able to use cardboard glue and scissors but may not have the knowledge to get the most out of it. so it might be more of a gift an adult can give to a child and teach them how to properly use it to help them grow. id get a switch and labo to play with my nephew but by the time hes old enough to actually use it without breaking it and with learning it then the switch itself might be outdated

2 days ago
The Nintendo Switch is probably my favorite Nintendo product, the Nintendo labo is not that good.

3 days ago
Labo means blurry or unclear in Filipino. I guess they named it right :)

3 days ago
After many months I watched an LTT video again. Luke is the only host I like.

3 days ago
So this advert for nintendo was sponsored by an underwear company and ended with an advert for a web hosting company.

3 days ago
I don't like Nintendo anymore so even if it was free nty, even sold my N64.

3 days ago
3:33 toy con grage

3 days ago
it's good but not for that price though. sry.

4 days ago
Seeing Luke is a pleasure! <3

4 days ago
Luke Tech Tips

4 days ago
Luke is getting thiccccc

4 days ago
ugh, Luke is such a goon

4 days ago
That's because it is all about folding some cardboard... for $80.

Don't get me wrong - Nintendo Switch is really fun and the modularity of it is perfect, but charging money on what is effectively "cardboard with guide lines" feels like a huge slap in the face.

4 days ago
wow, this guy's funnier than linus!! :D

4 days ago
This comment section needs some positivity, I think you are doing a great job Luke and I feel like you do stuff for LTT you actually have a strong personal opinion about. Keep up the good work both with Floatplane (wich looks great) and with LTT. (I also enjoy the WAN show wich is kinda its own thing)

4 days ago
putting on the LBs

5 days ago
great vid , but you shouldn't show your closing joke , one minute before you actually say it.

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