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Nintendo Labo - You Missed the Point!
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 8 months ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 month ago
funny, i knew what the wii u was the day it advertised, so what does that say about the IQ of those that got confused?

2 months ago
I played with Legos and paper models so.... I get this lol

3 months ago
This guy is actually not bad.

4 months ago
thicc luke is so yummy..

5 months ago
Thanks a lot 4:00
I went off on an hour long Labo music tangent.

6 months ago
Labo and Microsoft with their adaptable controllers.. When your 2nd and 3rd you try new things. Not for all, but innovative

6 months ago
Its about making your owen game

6 months ago
ohhh thats what it's for my eyes have been lab-opened

7 months ago
I think people forget that Nintendo originally started out as a trading card company

7 months ago
This video fucking sucks

7 months ago
this video is a sponsored by Nintendo.

7 months ago
my problem was that they used cardboard the projects it comes with are only going to last maybe a couple of mouths if you take car of them and if its young kids i give it a week there's no reason they could not have used something like polyvinyl or even wood i would have felt better about it. for that matter it would have felt better if they had just included stencils to make the peaces yourself.

7 months ago
Meh I ain't paying money to play with cardboard... Won't even do it as a gift for someone.

7 months ago
I saw the wii U at an expo and the people at the stand had to tell me that it's an entire new console

7 months ago
I bought my underwear from Mac Weldon

7 months ago
I miss your shows. You added a nice alternative to the geeking over this computer component that is the wonderfully normal show of LTT. Please come back soon!

7 months ago
Luke, you're awesome! Please do more videos. It always nice and fun to see you in the screen.

7 months ago
no i absolutely refuse to listen to Ariana grande under any circumstances no talent little rat

7 months ago
I love the new ltt logo

7 months ago
3:35 Did he say "Toy Con Crotch"?

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