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Are PC Manufacturers Ripping You Off? - $1500 Gaming PC Secret Shopper pt1
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 2 weeks ago


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We go deep undercover and Silent Shop 6 System Integrators representing 3 different segments to see what they would offer to a seemingly uninformed buyer for $1500USD. In Episode 1, Agent Janice From Accounting purchases machines based solely on sales reps' recommendations. Results WILL surprise you.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

6 hours ago
This video is amazing.

6 hours ago
if u could sell hi speck pc,s as fast as u could promote razors underpants or headphones then u would of saved us all 23 mins lol :):) after ripping on sales technics wich was poor with out a doubt u then try to promote earphones in the weerdist way possible eg; secure fit like other brands have a habbit of falling out wich we all know is a problem and weight distribution has always pissed me off and ive always wished earphones would get closer to my skull with removeable tips lol WTF!!! can i ask what are the specs of the battery coz i like to listen to music for long periods of time and are there any care packages or upgrades with 24hr tech support from bangledesh ?? pmsl

7 hours ago
this video seems very biased

8 hours ago
the agent sounds like an indian scammer

9 hours ago
Ohhhh the sly wink at 24:44 killed me!

12 hours ago
Big companies are all about the numbers, they don't care about customer service. Boutiques survive or die based on whether they have good customer service or not. Every customer needs to recommend them if they want to stay in business basically. So I'm not surprised they had the best customer service. They'd rather have you come back again than bleed you dry.

15 hours ago
Great video - and VERY eye opening. We've always bought from Dell but you need to know what you're buying because you can't rely on them to know!!!

16 hours ago
They have Timmy's down there ?

16 hours ago
whoever wrote these captions needs be spellchecked lmao

18 hours ago
HP Canada Store, but the call is in the Philippines? Did every company just landslide themselves into that place?

19 hours ago
I’ve been doing some research for building a mid range-high end rig, like 5 days now. From what I’ve learned through youtube, I got myself a job in Australia!

20 hours ago
they are indian. they make up shit. lol

20 hours ago
Yeah call Christ Roberts that will work! LOL ROFL LMFAO

21 hours ago
That poor car.2:16 I think Cyber Power did the right thing.

22 hours ago

24 hours ago
Was this entire video and ad for the earbuds that Linus was using?

1 day ago
'I'll just call Chris Roberts and ask'
That cracked me up xDDD

1 day ago
ur best vid in a while

1 day ago
I fuckin love you guys
I've watched 100s of hours worth of your content and I often rewatch videos to make sure I don't miss anything.
Please keep up the good work!
Thanks for the epic content, ladies and gents!

1 day ago
I was waiting form the csi intro but magnum p.i. works

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