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Who Created Allah?
  Published: 2 years ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

5 days ago
Sounds Tawheed, obvious to answer, One and Only.

1 month ago

2 months ago
The modern people just simply swallow what the scientists say. Eg. Time begin at the time of big bang - all accepted this explanation BUT what about the time before that - so go get your scientists to explain with proof and your braincan accept it. Hoho.

2 months ago
The signs of Qiyamah.....

-People speaking ill of others ancestors
-Clothing that shows off most of the body...
-No more stars in the sky
-People Dissappearing
-Tall buildings
-Appearance of Imam Mahdi. 👤
-Appearance of Dajjal.👹
-Descending of Prophet Isa (A.S.).👤
-Appearance of Yajooj Majooj👥
-The rising of the sunfrom the west after which the doors of forgiveness will be closed.
-The Dab'bat al-Ard will emerge from the ground & will mark all the true Muslims
-40 days of fog🌁 that will kill all the true believers so that they do not have to experience the other signs.
-A huge fire🌋will cause destruction.
-Destruction of the Kabah.
-The writing in the Quran will vanish.
-The trumpet will be blown the 1st time & all animals 🐅🐉& kafirs left will die & all mountains & buildings will crumble.
The 2nd time the trumpet will be blown all of Allahs creation🌐will resurrect & meet on the plains of Arafat for their judgment.
-The sun will lower itself with the earth.🌞
Our Prophet S.A.W. said, 'Whoever delivers this news. to someone else, I will on the Day of Judgment make for him a place in Jannah..🚪
Let's just see if shaytan stops this one.

5 months ago
God created Allah the Muslim god.He was and Angel called satan.From the bible Satan the father of all lies,from the Quran allah the most deceiving of them all.Satan and Allah are one and the same.

6 months ago
LORD OF THE WORLD . creator of the 7 heavens & earth, most merciful. Only worship allah who created you. Very simple .... don't even think who creates Allah. It's waste of time .... not possible for human brain to solve this equation.

6 months ago
those who deny existence of ALLAH, why don't they look around them there are signs signs and unlimited signs to consider to think over. for example can anybody tell me that we are losing our age so might be someone say it is a system but there is someone who made the system that is ALLAH. there are many things to consider which lead you and let you think about ALLAH but those who are blind and deaf they can't.

6 months ago
is there any proof that god exists?!

9 months ago
we may not have muscular power lift the weight and we may not see that far but we can lift it and see it by our intelligence called machines and something would be there power full than brain so we can find

10 months ago
subhanallah..but reading the link..I got scared cause I know Satan insinuates you to think who created Allah nawsobillah...Allah has created everything...

2 years ago
هو الاول والأخر

2 years ago
Allah originated from the word: Aah/Yah/Jah - "The Egyptian MOON GOD", Al Aah now "Allah" which is corroborated by the figure of moon & star in the Islam logo

2 years ago
allah is the creator of everything and everyone allah hu akbar subhanallah. .

2 years ago
Find the Answer on our channel.

2 years ago
i think a creator cant have a creator of him self because, he is already a creator and he is not created.:) because all we know is that we are created, and we think things can only be created ! we do not know better than that, so allah c.c is not created he was already there and always there !! and he wanted to share his being and make us humans to know him and enjoy his great power and what he all can give us like the heaven and his merci and his peace and love and all other greatness!!!!

2 years ago
love your vids my muslim brother , but the beginning of the vids are bit scary and the ends makes me dizzy can you please change that and begin the vids with more peacefull sounds and pictures and endings also, this is not a horror movie right? :) for the rest keep the word spread and may allah bless you.

2 years ago
Alleh was always thear no one create Allah Allah created us

2 years ago
what about dinosaurs in islam? they are never mentioned in the Quran

2 years ago
I didn't know about this but when I think Who made Allah I always know that my brain can't understand it does this mean I'm smart

2 years ago
We Human Beings look back 3500 years ago and see the ancient Greek's who believed their god's zeus and apollo and others were the one and only.
We look back at the ancient Roman's who believed their god's romulus and remus were the one and only.
We look at the ancient Norse people who believed that their god's odin and thor as the one and only.
And what do we Human Beings do today when we look at these ancient people... We laugh at them for their belief's in their god's

What do you think Human beings in 3500 years in the future will do when they look back at us??

Peace prosperity and freedom to all Human Beings of this fragile Earth.

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