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Saying BISMILLAH Before Anything
  Published: 3 years ago


Saying BISMILLAH Before Anything Show more

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1 month ago
Takbeer Allahu Akbaar

2 months ago
Mufti Menk is Allah's gift to mankind! There is not a single lecture of him that I know of, that I miss! He is building bridges for mankind ...bridges that lead to Allah, the King of Kings :) May Allah give him the ajar for it!

2 months ago
Should I say bismillah before I say bismillah

3 months ago
My family have made me angry but I don’t make any such of a dua

5 months ago
People have no shame why putting these useless advertisements, in the Islamic lectures or other Islamic things. Sometimes it comes with music and other haram staffs. May Allah protect us.

6 months ago
Allah is the demon of Mekka/mecca Mohammad was his slave {the koran} book of demons.

10 months ago
Allah u Akbar

1 year ago

2 years ago
what's the name of the person talking? thanks.

2 years ago
MashaAllah. ..shukran for the video so nice and teaches us our religion

2 years ago
Life is very short.
Please dont waste your time in the dunyia, work for your life in the hear after.May Allah show us all straight path and forgive us, safe us frm fire of hell. Ameen

2 years ago
I say bismiallahi wala baraktullah

2 years ago
I always forget for some reason but when I read the Quran it's a must.

2 years ago
I always forget for some reason but when I read the Quran it's a must.

2 years ago
I always forget for some reason but when I read the Quran it's a must

2 years ago
Oh youtuber i am truly lifted with your videos please make more and may Allah help you!

2 years ago
why are there dislikes

2 years ago
I say bismillah before drinking as well

2 years ago
Masha Allah (s.w.t )

3 years ago
جزاك الله خيرا. Let’s all make a firm resolution with the help of الله to learn the Arabic language and taste the sweetness of the Qur’an. It’s amazing once we start to see the pearls.
I am in the process of compiling the Qur’anic vocabulary categorized by grammatical verticals in excel for anyone who is learning Arabic Grammar and wants to understand the Qur’an. Anyone who wants to make use of this please email me at ‘’ or ‘’ and I will forward you a copy إنشاء الله. Thus far over 21 Juz is covered and hope to complete the entire Qur’an by end of the year بِإِذنِ الله.. I started this as a means to remember and learn the vocabulary I came across in my study of Arabic in the past 5 years, which then turned into the documentation of the vocabulary of the Qur’an, الحمد لله. Please include the entire Ummah in your Dua’s. May ALLAH (SWT) guide us and unite us. The Arabic language does play a key role in the Ummah’s unity, الحمد لله. What a miracle and what a language! الله  is great! Please pass on the word to the entire Ummah. A link to a short video of the Arabic Qur’anic vocabulary sheet:

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