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The United States Military vs One Imperial II Star Destroyer | Star Wars: Who Would Win
  Published: 5 months ago


One Imperial Star Destroyer is transported to Earth and tasked with surviving over the continental United States for 24 hours - can the United States Military, including its arsenal of nuclear weapons, take it down in that time?

With a powerful Navy, Air Force, and Army, the US Military is the strongest force on planet Earth. But, is the US Military powerful enough to destroy a single Imperial Star Destroyer? Empire vs America, Star Destroyer vs Nukes... Finds out which faction would come out on top on this episode of Star Wars: Who Would Win!

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Comments Directly on YouTube

5 months ago
Congrats on 32K, can't wait for you to get out of my closet.

12 minutes ago
Can an ICBM actually hit a target moving about 900km/h? I thought they were made to hit stationary target over large distances. But then again, my knowledge about ICBMs isn't much better than that once scene from Spies Like Us.

38 minutes ago
Dont think so... the American military is strong yes BUT a Single Star destroyer have so much power that the Atomic missles couldnt reach.
Exept that can the Star Destroyer start to shoot on the City lika LA it had no chance, they are so powerfull that they destroy it in minutes

47 minutes ago
Where's the resistance to save them now

8 hours ago
The US will not send out nukes... UNLESS they say " Fuck it" and nuke EVERYTHING because if we launch surface-to-air nukes we'll end up destroying the ozone layer which will destroy the atmosphere

8 hours ago
Before commenting, please note that I know next to nothing on this topic, and I am kinda pulling this out of nowhere. Please kindly point out any criticisms that you have with my argument in the comments below.

Supposing that there isn't some sort of magical plot armor that the star destroyer has, there is nothing that it could really do in the event of a nuclear attack if the goal was to simply disable the ship, as the electromagnetic pulse that is released far from the explosion. In addition, many icbms can travel at over 6-7 km/s, meaning that within minutes they could be within range for these blasts. In this case, if the US were ever losing to a battle on this scale, it could potentially detonate much of its nuclear stockpile in the upper atmosphere to jam communications between the star destroyer and its supporting fleet. In addition, this EMP blast caused by the gamma radiation would likely destroy onboard equipment that the star destroyer has. As this wave would travel at the speed of light, there would be now way for the ship to get up any sort of shield, and in the end, the damage done from that one blast alone would probably bring it down, destroying much, if not all of the complicated machinery inside of the ship. However, when operating inside the bounds of reality, much of Star Wars as a whole doesn't really work. In the end, if you ignore all of the nonsensical rules that Star Wars has and work completely inside of the bounds of reality, then the US (and quite possibly its allies in the world) could potentially scratch out a victory as a means of self-defense. However, if all of the rules and gimmicks of Star Wars canon were included, it's very unlikely that humanity could survive a full-fledged attack by a star destroyer.

8 hours ago
The Black Bird is supposed to be two inches to the right

9 hours ago
Why cant it use nukes

9 hours ago
Couldnt the star destroyer go to lightspeed and vacuum out our atmosphere?

10 hours ago
I think that the US would go with missiles, just non nuclear. We have a metric a** ton more cruise missiles fired from ships and from ground batteries than we do a nuclear arsenal. Plus, coming from a person who has seen 2 Star Wars movies and they were the two before the last one, the star destroyer has 2 fatal flaws. 1. The bottom of the ship looks relatively undefended (didn’t see a whole lot of turrets or anything on the bottom of the ship, also not an expert on the ships layout) as well as almost all of the propulsion in the rear that is also very poorly defended. Plus, the amount of tie fighters you said would just be wiped out by fighters and SAMs. It would be real easy to just launch 1000 cruise missiles into the propulsion on the rear of the ship. It would then fall, likely killing at least 80% of the crew. The remaining crew would then be wiped out by Abrams and Bradleys while they are carpet bombed by B2s. We wouldn’t really need nukes. My hypothesis is based solely on the fact that their shields would be off because I’m not sure how you would get through that or if it even has shields (I assume it has shields because everything in space does). There would be many casualties as far as people killed from its air to ground capabilities but I feel we would be able to keep our aircraft in the sky with at least 75% of them surviving. Deployment times and active personnel would also hinder or help us. This is how I think it would go down anyway.

11 hours ago
Where is that Star Wars anmie from?

12 hours ago
Yeah its just horrible for the Imperials, but if this were to actually happen, Imperials would win hands down, because they could have about, 5 of those attacking at a time, but with just one, and with all the United States Military resources and aircraft that the US could scramble the Imperials would lose this one.

14 hours ago
First statement: TIEs have maneuvering issues in atmosphere. They have no protection from missiles. They will be killed quickly. Shuttles and gunships will then fight it out, with shields and decent maneuverability. They will be the main anti-fighter craft but will be knocked out by sheer volume of missiles eventually. Finally, we have, as you said, absurd numbers of nuclear weapons. However, using that many will hurt the area they are used on badly. Estimated casualties: 45k Imperial, 30 million+ United States, including civilians.

15 hours ago
If the universe is infinite and non-cyclic, by definition the entire star wars world must exist somewhere in it.

15 hours ago
That's an absolute load of shit

15 hours ago
I think if the imperials were fighting earth, ion cannons could be on board, or maybe a bigger heavier ship, and practically speaking they would probably attack from orbit hights as they don't know where the enemies are So... Orbital bombardment.

17 hours ago
A star destroyer is a dangerous ship but it can't even take out a little Melnium Falcon?

18 hours ago
Russia , China , Uk , France , Germany and a lot more countries would help . So would the resistance

21 hours ago

1 day ago
So basically I just has to bombard from outside the atmosphere and there you go

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