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Sub-Zero Laptop Cooling?! - Feat. Gamers Nexus
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 2 weeks ago


Lower your phone bill at and get $25 in Ting credit

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The Alienware Area 51m is a pretty fast laptop, but by combining our janky chiller and Steve's overclocking skills we think it can be way faster.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

58 minutes ago
Where can I get myself this EXACT setup for my kitchen ? So sweet.

23 hours ago

24 hours ago
LTT should really invest in an actual tap and die set.

1 day ago
Don't sleep on Ali Express.

1 day ago
i love alex <3

1 day ago
I wonder if this video was pre cursor to the Roast of Linus video?

1 day ago
Go ChickenClockers!!!1

1 day ago
Linus Tap Tips

1 day ago
Steve seems a little bit awkward not being in his own natural habitat lol?!

1 day ago
what are you guys' power bills like??

2 days ago
I don't understand how in France we pay 25€ and get 50G 4G+ internet (Sosh operator) and in USA you get 2G...

2 days ago
You say your that you look the coolest but you grabbed the glasses like Jonny depp's Willie Wonka

2 days ago
"Linus tapped holes"

2 days ago
"I'll tap that" -Linus probably

2 days ago
Wow ting is stupidly expensive the max is 30gb and thats $300 i get unlimited texts, calls and 50gb of data a month for £50 why would anyone ever use ting when its that crazy expensive

2 days ago
If you are running into wattage limits, you want lower voltage, not higher.

This is more dealing with board limitations that you wouldn't normally run into on a high end desktop machine.

2 days ago
steven burke : "I dont really use Fahrenheit despite being an american"

I like this guy, he's good.

3 days ago
there s a lil bit lag when moving mouse to taskbar wth these are only for render or what**? linus n nexus.

3 days ago
Looks like you tore apart a window AC unit to make the chiller....being someone who works on larger versions for a hotel on a regular basis, i can tell you that scary thing @ 2:21 is a start run capacitor for the compressor and original fan motor(s). The ones I work with are usually 5mf 240VAC to 370 VAC and about twice as long.

3 days ago
The zoom in on the hand wringing was next level. You can really feel steve.

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