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EA Bricks Playstation 4s?? - WAN Show Mar 8, 2019
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 2 weeks ago


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Timestamps courtesy of SamTheMD

0:00 - Start
7:16 - Linus and the “business” of LMG
16:32 - Luke bought a house!
18:14 - EA Bricking PS4s (jk)
18:28 - Techlinked schedule changes
24:28 - Intro (finally)
25:27 - Luke and Linus have a conversation that we really didn’t need to know
28:21 - EA Bricking PS4s (for real this time)
30:39 - Sponsor: Private Internet Access
34:46 - Sponsor: Honey
36:23 - Sponsor: Savage Jerky
38:01 - Steam not distributing “** Day*
44:57 - LTX Stuffs
49:50 - The game Linus has been “enjoying lately”
54:09 - Floatplane Updates
57:15 - Super Chats
1:22:44 - Linus wants to go home
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Comments Directly on YouTube

4 hours ago
Why is your audio so messed up? It's like this even if I go to twitch and watch your videos.

9 hours ago
two bits are half a nibble. so there you go.

14 hours ago
Please either route the Mic audio through the (red?) camera your using, apply 400-600ms audio delay in your streaming software, use a camera with low latency or apply a hammer to the tech setting the stream up because obviously they do not know WTF they are doing. This is so painful to watch.. I mean seriously download the video and re-post it fixed FFS. What is this amateur hour BS doing on WAN Show/Linus Tech Tips? Were you fresh out of 'Give a F**k' when you streamed this? Seriously disappointing.

16 hours ago
I'm perpetually confused as to how they can get their video quality so good compared to other streamers but mess audio up so bad. The audio sync is so bad I find myself listening to it like its a podcast because it is unable to watch, and this def isn't the first time.

19 hours ago
Resorting to click bait titles now, sad.

1 day ago
sound delay

2 days ago
Regarding that game, as Linus said, the severity of both is horrible but I think the thing to look at is the frequency of such crimes. Also the game mechanics of positive or negative effects on the game. Drink driving in GTA is acceptable, but something like a drunk driving simulator that rewards you for causing crashes would be frowned upon. Shooting pedestrians in GTA is acceptable AND you get police after you, but a game that puts in its description that you are rewarded for shooting pedestrians would be frowned upon.

2 days ago
Imagine spending all of that money on upgrading your internet speeds and quality of content and still can't spend a couple of minutes on fixing the settings on said expensive projects.

2 days ago
Video and audio are out of sync, I really want to watch the video but I can't without my eyes and brain bleeding

3 days ago
On Amazon Honey not only looks for discounts, they compare other offers on amazon and find the cheaper option, including shipping costs and prime delivery, not that prime delivery ever delivers on time anymore.

3 days ago
Scrapyard wars idea sounds amazing!!!

3 days ago
@linus tech tips use dash cams for scrapyard wars

3 days ago
I can't enjoy hot food. If it burns my lips, I have to wait..
So, food isn't supposed to be hot, everyone can chose how they like it. Food is supposed to be the way whoever eats it, likes it.

3 days ago

4 days ago
While I acknowledge your statement of having better things to do. Can you please make a dedicated Poutine rant video.

4 days ago
One of the few wan shows i have watched XD

4 days ago
"Deeper than 2 bits"
"... Deeper that true or false?"
Damn... 2 bits is FOUR states Luke.
I expected better from you! ;.;

4 days ago
Actually, red, white and blue is one of the most common combinations of colors for flags. This pallet is not only used by the USA.

5 days ago
That scrap Yard Wars ideas sounds great

5 days ago
57:10 How buisnesses should be run.

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