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EA Bricks Playstation 4s?? - WAN Show Mar 8, 2019
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 4 months ago


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Timestamps courtesy of SamTheMD

0:00 - Start
7:16 - Linus and the “business” of LMG
16:32 - Luke bought a house!
18:14 - EA Bricking PS4s (jk)
18:28 - Techlinked schedule changes
24:28 - Intro (finally)
25:27 - Luke and Linus have a conversation that we really didn’t need to know
28:21 - EA Bricking PS4s (for real this time)
30:39 - Sponsor: Private Internet Access
34:46 - Sponsor: Honey
36:23 - Sponsor: Savage Jerky
38:01 - Steam not distributing “** Day*
44:57 - LTX Stuffs
49:50 - The game Linus has been “enjoying lately”
54:09 - Floatplane Updates
57:15 - Super Chats
1:22:44 - Linus wants to go home
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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 week ago
01:06:40 best part

4 weeks ago
23:12 If it's the EU's artikel 13 (17) than it's passed now and I've seen a vid on youtube that it was done in 40 sec of voting !

2 months ago
Well worth watching this episode from archive. GJ!

3 months ago
scrapyard wars <3

3 months ago

3 months ago

3 months ago
Don't knock ball mice. They have a faster poll rate than USB.

3 months ago
Linus I'm worried your business is getting to the size where it crosses that threshold of trust. In a small enough town nobody locks their doors but once it becomes sufficiently populated you can no longer leave your laptop laying around or your doors unlocked. It's like a law of nature. When the population density becomes sufficient you lose a lot of nice qualities.

3 months ago
Why post this to Youtube with the sound so far off? You're better the this... This should have been thrown in the trash...

3 months ago
I really do appreciate the lack of mid video youtube adds.

3 months ago
considering the videos that get made I really want to hear the ideas that get called ridiculous

4 months ago
I like how he says “why American” as they have a red white and blue background

4 months ago
il help fund this scrap yard wars, I WANT THIS. buying floatplane now.

4 months ago
I just don't think games that make torture the main idea should not be sold on platforms like steam.

GTA5 Trevor Torture scene was kinda where i drew the line because i have friends who let their devil children play it and they are already fucked up in the head.

every person is different but some may act out some of these brutal acts in real life because developers like this one have some severly anti-social issues

4 months ago
PIA is pretty Amazing, and 50/ year is worth it!!!

4 months ago
damn i Misssed this WAN SHOW, Time to catch up.

4 months ago
audio is off by 3-4 seconds...barely noticeable! :)

4 months ago
I thought Luke had his 'last WAN show-Good-bye/farewell tour' several months ago.....; is this a rerun? Or has he come crawling back to stave off unemployment? :)

4 months ago
The should fire the video editor this always happen.

4 months ago
not really sure why youtube has a problem playing this but if you play it in vlc by pasting the link in it seems to fix the problem

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