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Lavar Ball & Sons On Family Business, Discipline, Donald Trump + More
   Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM
  Published: 1 month ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 hours ago
Can Angela Yee a different place? She only shows the back of her hair, never her face. Is that ok with her while the men are always facing the camera?

9 hours ago
I wanna see how they can keep the show goin without lavar..let Gelo and Melo do all the talkin

21 hours ago
real smart dude

22 hours ago
Mr. LaVar you are Big Ball !!! The best interview .Waiting for the day when Lonzo , Gelo and Melo will play on the court for Lakers at once,. Best luck !!!!

1 day ago
Lavar and Tina are amazing parents and people!!! I love this family. This is how a family should be💯👌💕.

1 day ago
Lavar wise as hell though...

2 days ago
Full of shit talker

2 days ago
Why can't the older brother speak, he speaks like a shy 10 ;year old kid. He sounds so dumb!!

2 days ago
So, black people can't help themselves not to steal??

2 days ago
LiAngelo is an absolute idiot. Like IQ in the 70s

2 days ago
Y'all racist asses suck a dick

4 days ago
Lithuanian women are one of the most beautiful women in the world.

5 days ago
They will be on food stamps in two years

5 days ago
LaVAR got a bad case of "hisself".

6 days ago
They are so scared of their dad, they are so immature and lacking of knowledge, they can’t even express themselves wisely with simple questions so lavar has to answer for them

6 days ago
Gelo... my goodness

7 days ago
Also why charmalagne make black people a group, every human different you just making it worse

7 days ago
Idc ab Trump but you can just say thanks and nothing else not a big deal

1 week ago
Lavar ball got wisdom man he’s dope I like how he spoke life into his children’s life’s and led them onto the right path

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