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Why Did Intel Even Make This? – Optane 800P SSD
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 6 months ago


We all know by now Optane is fast… But can Intel’s latest SSD FINALLY bring Optane into the home? Or is it just half-baked and overpriced?

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Comments Directly on YouTube

7 hours ago
At 1:53 you show what they are for.. and after that.. the hole time you dont get to the Point and use it as SYSTEM DRIVE??? LoL... so stupid, sry!
They are for cacheing normal slow HDDs (in Gaming Laptops for example) NOT FOR REPLACEMENT! OMG .. WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?! That´s not normal NAND, even not a normal SSD...
That´s why the latency is much better as all the entry level M.2 PCIe SSDs...

5 days ago
One day optane will replace the RAM and Memory Storage devices effectively making computers CPU-Optane(Storage). Once the latency and such matches RAM there will be no need for separate RAM and Storage they'd be all in one.

6 days ago
Seems Intel listened to us. You can now choose which drive to accelerate. So an accelerated Steam library drive to give you SSD load times is now possible.

1 week ago
Goodram ...

1 week ago
might be good for.. IDK.. Chromebook?

1 week ago
So, guys, should I buy 16gb Optane, to make my HDD faster?

1 week ago
On a system with an SSD? You shsould always disable hibernation. Just don't use it. There is no real 'increase' in bootup times from my own testing.

1 week ago
What about StoreMI? Equal to Optane? AFAIK it can at least be used as secondary drive, even if it inferior to the Optane

2 weeks ago
Its not optane vs SSd. Its really make sense when using it as RAM for static data like in machine learning systems and GPU memory that need large size memory that is low latency. Its cheaper than DDR and comes very close in real world necessary performance.

2 weeks ago
WHY? The reason you said, random reads are over 3x more than the 960 Pro. and also as you said... that effects most average people in there day to day computin lives.

2 weeks ago
If they can get the latency low enough....goodbye conventional RAM

2 weeks ago
Yes, a great drive for holding your swap file.

3 weeks ago
Would it help if I did have over 10 documents open at one time because I have to do this all the time.

3 weeks ago
Interesting info on this! Thanks Linus!

3 weeks ago
Nokia style. The first step to bankruptcy!

4 weeks ago
SSD cost have actually GROWN on eBay. We green used to be $45 and now is 49 btw. So kidding me. Curse you, eBay ssd sellers!!

4 weeks ago
Wait... so this is not the Optane memory module that speed up hdd?

4 weeks ago
I bought one, super responsive. Just feel too small as 120g

4 weeks ago
I thought intel made it for ryzen but then amd made StoreMI SSHDR.

4 weeks ago
5:12 get off my property

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