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Why Did Intel Even Make This? – Optane 800P SSD
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 1 week ago


We all know by now Optane is fast… But can Intel’s latest SSD FINALLY bring Optane into the home? Or is it just half-baked and overpriced?

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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 hours ago
If you watch Linus tech tips to actually get advice on hardware, you are a millionaire. I'm just a dreamer.

4 hours ago
How does the blue plastic knife (in the background) fit on the magnetic knife holder?

7 hours ago
What about using it as a swap/pagefile drive? If it has very low latency and high write endurance, it could be a perfect fit for a task like that.

10 hours ago
Microsoft needs to add to Windows the concept of an optane cache instead of using Intel's specific caching solution. Basically, treat optane not as a mass storage device, but as a L4 type cache that's faster than disk, but slower than memory. And let it put programs and files in there automatically. That way it could cache your slow disks, or even frequently accessed SSD files.

There is third party programs that do this, but Microsoft really needs to just add this to Windows 10.

11 hours ago
Im the 1millionst who watched this video

12 hours ago

18 hours ago
E x t r a T h i c c

18 hours ago
Hopefully they get their Xpoint DIMM setup done right and properly supported*. Being able to "launch" programs directly from RAM rather then having to load them from a mass storage device will make things so much responsive even compared to a fast NVMe drive.

* It is possible to basically store the program in memory in the state that it would be when you first launch it and use Copy On Write when the program wants to modify it's self in memory. There was support in the Linux kernel for this using NAND memory but I think it was dropped quite a few years ago due to a lack of support and it not being used enough.

18 hours ago
Hi to everyone who is reading this comment.I will make some reviews,lifehacks with tech,.. on this channel so please hit that subscribe button,if u want i will sub u back.Have a good day 😉

18 hours ago
for a custom linux set-up?

19 hours ago
They saw the RAM and GPU markets and said "Yo, we need in on that shit".

Thus, the $130 50gb drive was born.

19 hours ago
What the heck Linus! Did you just pick random stock footage for the benchmark backgrounds?

22 hours ago
Optain is build on new technology... Isn't it supposed to be like 10x faster.. First version is small.. But wasn't the point greater storage density and speed?

22 hours ago
"Cache" drives/pagefile. that is what they would be good for to have somewhere to copy all of the little files that are stored in ram and getting them out of the ram as quick as possible. this would be the reason for the super low latency. but it has yet to give a decent improvement over current SSDs for the same use to justify the price.

22 hours ago
Possibly SQL server OS ?

22 hours ago
Guys pls sub to my channel it would be nice!
Its fine If you don't but if you do thx!

22 hours ago
It's a high endurance cache drive. Don't look at it as a OS drive. When more companies start making Xpoint like storage, the prices will fall...

22 hours ago
12TB SSD's when?

23 hours ago
What's the crazy background video?

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