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Why Did Intel Even Make This? – Optane 800P SSD
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 9 months ago


We all know by now Optane is fast… But can Intel’s latest SSD FINALLY bring Optane into the home? Or is it just half-baked and overpriced?

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Comments Directly on YouTube

8 hours ago
if exist a memory-base OS this will be the only hardware to support it, but such OS doesn't exist…

5 days ago
Optane looks promising technology, but unfortunately it's not worth the price for average users due to its low storage. Samsung NVMe is a better choice. It's also cheaper.

6 days ago
Best Strongest M.2 Samsung 960 Pro

6 days ago
I would assume its because a 32 bit install takes under 16gb and a 64 bit install fits under 32gb, so you can install just the os if you dont want to spend the money for extra storage, beyond the boot performance increase.

1 week ago
Solid state storage has been around for a long time now so why is it so it still so expensive? My answer would be that the prices are artificially inflated through price fixing from the companies that manufacture them

2 weeks ago
Please Please stop the background noise...when you talk I want to hear you not to try my best to seperate your voice from the bloody noise.......

2 weeks ago
I really don't think the average consumer would need or want this. I do IT infrastructure for small and medium businesses. I would use this for the dedicated caching drive of a storage array. Something like MS storage spaces where you can do storage tiering. I think that low latency would be really good on high IOPS workloads that have multiple users accessing the same data frequently. like a SQL servers logs drive or an exchange servers transports logs. that low latency would really benefit multiple users.

2 weeks ago
I'll anwser that question, it's for Mac users LMAO!!!

2 weeks ago
Optane seems okay for VMs or maybe DosBox :P

2 weeks ago
Who is it for? Assholes. That was easy

3 weeks ago
The low latency might make it beneficial for use as a dedicated swap file for older systems that can't hold anymore RAM. My workstation officially supports up to 4GB of RAM, though I upgraded it to 8GB a couple years ago. I've been avoiding buying a new system because it would cost so much to get one that is a real upgrade and not just upgrading a whole system just to get more RAM.
I'd like to see a comparison on a system with lower RAM (4 to 8 GB) benchmarking the comparison of a swap file on SSD vs Optane.

3 weeks ago
I personally am looking at one of these because I need a large amount of virtual memory. This seems like it might fill that niche.

3 weeks ago
Yes when I tried to enable fast boot on my 128G SSD, Windows told me I don't have enough space for my 128G memory. And when I have to switch to 800p.....

4 weeks ago
The first time I saw this in a commercial, I thought its RAM with AI. Because that what it all sounded like, "This is Intel Optane memory, that knows which program you want to run the most'' and everyone knows that when someone says Memory, we usually interpret it as Random Access Memory not Storage Memory

4 weeks ago
Would these be of any benefit for putting the Plex files on there? Making it a transcoding drive? Not for storing all of the media, but the album art and that sort of data. Lots of tiny files that get loaded when browsing titles etc. I would think the low latency might speed these things up quite a bit.

1 month ago
Optane is exceptionally good for random writes because you don't have to read and write by sector. The advantage of reading by sectors vs reading by small chunks is negligible for workstations, and for writing it may be a bit more useful but still not that much (depending on the workload).

Where it really excels is for random access low latency persistent databases. That's pretty much it.

1 month ago
What the heck? He's not screaming...did he forget his drugs?

1 month ago
Does he have white noise going in the background?

1 month ago
Idk but can it be used as cache for CPU due to the latency ? Lol

2 months ago
So if I wanted to build the fastest PC with no care for the price this is my choice?

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