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House Of Cards - Season 6 | official trailer (2018)
  Published: 6 months ago


official trailer for House of Cards - Season 6. We also added the trailers for Season 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.
0:30 Season 1
3:00 Season 2
5:20 Season 3
6:04 Season 4
7:05 Season 5

We're just getting started. House of Cards returns for a final season this fall on Netflix.

★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★
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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 days ago
I'm so ready for season 6! Spacey's character was cool, but Claire has so much potential!

3 days ago
Без Кевина Спейси это фигня какая то. Игра с реализмом, некоторая документальность, придавали сериалу правдивости. А это какой то фарс на провинциальной сцене.

3 days ago
love this show! Just rewatched it, it didn't bother me that Kevin is a sexual predator, he's a good actor, can't you be both? However,
it's Claire's turn, he might not be missed with such smart and cleaver writers. Can't wait.

6 days ago
Seriously. Clair couldnt make her own decisions without her husband in her ear. They really need to ramp up the whole story. Lets not forget about Tom yates body was still on ice n frank was ready to kill claire if he wasnt gonna get that pardon

7 days ago
yeah Kevin Spacey is the soul character of this novel

2 weeks ago
Without Kevin ????????????????????????

2 weeks ago
house of cards season 6 will never crown a dicatores murder killer ponious snack death to claire underwood which from hell sainti killer and die in peace in blood ....

2 weeks ago
HoC proved once again that great show are made not so much by imaginable scripts (although these have their part) but by extraordinary performances given almost always by theatre-nurtured talented actors. Spacey and Wright gave us such performances throughout the show. But now the duo has broken. I am sure that Claire will continue to be spectacular in this final season and succeed in the heavy lifting expected from her, but still... Frank will be missed and this "final" is a bit too big to swallow.

2 weeks ago
Liberals can’t be in left side?

3 weeks ago
what hurts me most is the first have an affairs with the president's book writer

3 weeks ago
probably will see the first 5 minutes of first episode and last 5 of the last, no Spacey, no thanks, how could Netflix fire him without even a trial or anything that will proof he did something wrong, this is nonsense, I thought our legal system was "Innocent until proven guilty"

4 weeks ago
Heres an idea: cast Mrs. Wirght in some other series where she is the main character. She is obviously amazing! And just let House of Cards rest in peace.

4 weeks ago
She is a magnificent actress, but the series without Kevin Spacey is just pointless. A story about a villain without the villain? It just doesnt work.

4 weeks ago
Kevin Spacey without House of Cards is just a charming old pedophile.

4 weeks ago
no Kevin no Season 6

4 weeks ago
One nation Underwood

4 weeks ago
I wanted to see Claire vs Francis.

1 month ago
Without Kevin Spacey, I have no interest watching it!

1 month ago
Whatever happened to due process? Hashtag metoo is undermining the American Due Process, innocent until PROVEN GUILTY rule of law. Welcome, America, to the new age of McCarthyism. No one is safe. Any old girl friend from 40-50 years ago can now come back and accuse you of "inappropriateness" without having to offer up one shred of evidence. American men, live in fear.

1 month ago

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