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  Published: 7 months ago


Hacksaw ridge scene
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3 months ago
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49 minutes ago

2 hours ago
Gunny Eremy is the only one who could have done this right

3 hours ago
2:22 dat voice crack tho

4 hours ago
I'm private sponge knob!!! Sargeant!!!

6 hours ago
rather boring

6 hours ago
Glad I bypassed this shite on Netflix.

8 hours ago
wasnt that funny...

12 hours ago
Woman are fucking lying if they say they don't like muscle on men

13 hours ago
“Of course, that’s it. The knife.” The sarcasm kills me every time 😂😂

19 hours ago
If this is the funniest movie scene you’ve ever have not seen enough movies

20 hours ago
Not really sure how this is hilarious...

22 hours ago
I love how stupid he is. A smart sergeant would send the guy with the knife in his foot to get medical care.
You dont make a man stronger when he's hurt. You make a man stronger when he's well !

24 hours ago
I don't mind him walking around like that.

1 day ago
"Make sure you keep this man away from strong winds" I burtst out laughing. This is the closest thing to a pg13 full metal jacket and I love it

1 day ago
How long have you been dead private? Haha, damn.

2 days ago
The scene just feels like a toned down version of Full Metal Jacket. Even the "I've seen stocks of corn with better physics" is just a toned down version of "I didn't know they could pile shit so high". Pathetic.

2 days ago
I laughed, but deep down inside, where no-one can see it - deep down in my core, almost imperceptibly, on a molecular level possibly.

2 days ago
Full Metal Jacket wannabe

2 days ago
Has no one even seen Full Metal Jacket?

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