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  Published: 10 months ago


Hacksaw ridge scene
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6 months ago
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2 hours ago
sexy guy.

2 hours ago
Misleading title...

2 hours ago
This is hilarious

10 hours ago
I didn’t laugh once

11 hours ago
You know there's some gay in the production of the movie when you see a scene like this one.

1 day ago
“One for each titty “

1 day ago
The sarge is hilarious and a master roaster

1 day ago
Lmao he said ima call you cheif

1 day ago
Yeah funny for fags

1 day ago
This scene is "eating the peanuts out of my shit"! Can you bite off of FULL METAL JACKET anymore than this???

2 days ago
Id keep that fine boy naked too if I was the sarge. Lemme suck it.

2 days ago
“Name Private”

“Peter Parker”

Old joke

2 days ago
“One for each Titty “ 😂😭😭😭

2 days ago
Is this how the army is actually like? A piece of shit supervisor who undermines his Soldiers and sends them to battle with broken spirits and destroyed self esteem? Instead of making them believe in themselves? What a shit show.

3 days ago
I'm watching Hacksaw Ridge now. Lol awesome movie

3 days ago
Andrew Garfield?

3 days ago
I joined the Army and served 4 years partly because I thought every guy had to go through this rite of passage. What the Hell was I thinking?! :)

Of course the real life experience was just as entertaining. I got roasted for being from New York City. Boy, did I get roasted for that. The memories...

3 days ago
Mel Gibson is the director of this movie.

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