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The It Movie Scenes You Never Got To See
  Published: 1 week ago


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2017's celebrated adaptation of Stephen King's It is now out on DVD and Blu-ray, and there are plenty of deleted and extended scenes to savor. In all, there are 11 added segments included in the film's bonus features, so, let's run through what's new and how the new clips fit into the overall story. And of course, here's the all important spoiler alert for anyone still waiting to get spooked by Pennywise...

Fake out | 0:24
Dad guilt | 0:56
Family friction | 1:23
Second skeptic | 1:59
Unhappy home | 2:35
Fighting fear | 3:18
An exodus | 3:44
Moody monologue | 4:13
Cast vandal | 4:43
Slaughter session | 5:00
The walkie talkie | 5:39
Family vacation | 6:08

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Comments Directly on YouTube

18 minutes ago
Seriously the narrator sounds sooo familiar! BRAIN MAKE YOUR MI- oh shit!

21 minutes ago
Ok why do I recognize this persons voice so much-

30 minutes ago
I've never seen IT anyway

40 minutes ago
Ohmygod georgie was smart but it was deleted

2 hours ago
Y'know, I would've been very happy to have seen a 3-hour version of this movie any day, cause it was so good, the Losers Club kids were really good to watch I would love to watch more of them in this. And also have more Henry Bowers scenes, too. I also wish they'd have done the Smokehole scene from the book, imagine how cool that would've been to see It's arrival to Earth on a visual scale, that would've been awesome.

2 hours ago
Lmao I would've like the one when Georgie grabs his boat and leaves like a savage instead when he dies :(

4 hours ago

4 hours ago
I think some of these are fake.

5 hours ago
Lol grabs boat see ya pennywiz: oh s###

5 hours ago
UMMMMM..........did no one relive that the guy is from IHE

6 hours ago

7 hours ago

8 hours ago
I want to see another deleted scene

8 hours ago
Why are you talking?

8 hours ago
"The It Movie Scenes You Never Got to See" ...and still don't get to see unless you buy the DVD.

10 hours ago
And ah SHIT

10 hours ago
I wish they would've had the Henry scene. It would've made him appear as way less than a one dimensional completely evil asshole.

10 hours ago
I love this

11 hours ago
I haven't seen the movie yet.
I guess there's gonna be a second film in where the kids are older and have to defeat IT as the spider?

11 hours ago
Loopers IT videos you never got to see

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