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Why Ghostbusters 2016 Flopped
   Georg Rockall-Schmidt
  Published: 2 years ago


Ghostbusters 2016 was a flop. Here's why.

I wanted to talk about the Ghostbusters reboot when it came out, but everyone was talking about it and there was some much vitriol I kind of thought I’d save it. The reboot, which I’ll refer to here as Ghostbusters 2016, is a failure, and I’m talking in terms of box office. It took about a hundred and forty four million dollars to make, it made as of the end of November 2016, according to Box Office Mojo, just over two hundred and twenty nine million, but with marketing and everything like that Sony needed it to bring in three hundred million to break even, and about half a billion to be considered a success.

So according to those figures, the movie lost about 70 million dollars. That’s a McDonald’s cheeseburger for every single resident of Thailand. Now Sony’s spokespeople whenever they’re asked about this, seem to say something like, it’s nowhere near that much, with the merchandise, the boost to the series as a whole, it’s more like fifty million or twenty five million. Well twenty five million may be true, but that’s because Village Roadshow has to take a big bite of that shit sandwich too, having helped to finance the film.

I’m going to give you my reasons why I think the movie bombed, but first let me tell you where I’m coming from. I try not to review movies on this channel, I’m more interested in and trying to direct things towards me talking about why things in films work or don’t work, or my opinions on directoral decisions, or looking at the business, or the backstories behind movies. I dislike enough cherished movies, and like enough disliked ones to know me just saying it was crap, doesn’t really mean that much. But what I would say is I like the original Ghostbusters a lot, I like the laid back but still pacey style, I like its humour, I think its witty and I think its well made, but I’m not a super fan. It’s not my favourite movie. Ghostbusters 2016, I don’t hate. I don’t think it’s the worst film ever. I think it’s quite saggy, but it’s not terrible. When I heard about it and watched the trailer, I didn’t have a gut wrenching reaction to it. I simply rolled my eyes, as I do with every reboot or dignity-defying sequel....

Any of you guys think there'll be a sequel? I heard they're going to 'branch out' into animations, which I think really means roll back investment.
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2 years ago
Hey all.

A lot of you guys argue here that the film was very disrespectful, and there are very valid points for thinking that - I'd probably argue all reboots are a little bit just by their nature. The reason I don't think GB 2016 is wholly disrespectful to the franchise is because, in my opinion, it sought to be it's own thing and not overwrite the original two and it tried to put in respectful nods to those movies. Did it do it well? No. Did it mishandle the backlash? Yes.

I know a lot of OG fans thought it was disrespectful, which I can understand - if that's your opinion I'm not trying to convince you otherwise with this comment, I'm just making mine clear. But if you've got fans thinking your reboot craps on the original, well you've failed at marketing.

5 hours ago
You dont see the feminist agenda?

6 hours ago
This film was thrown together and came out right in the middle of the internet's fake-feminism uprising. There's no way in hell they weren't trying to market to those people to capitalize on that audience and the popularity of those ideals. 2016 was the height of that fake garbage, and it died within a year or two, which is why we'll never see an all-female sequel.
The NEW YORK TIMES of all publications had a review written by a woman with the title "Girls Rule. Women are funny. Get over it." Bullshit like that is why it failed. Anyone with half a brain cell could see that it was pandering to that narrow-minded SJW audience. The end of the review even says "Now, if we could just get women and men to be funny together, that would be revolutionary." What the fuck? Has she ever seen a National Lampoon Vacation movie?......

10 hours ago
Can I be real? The main 4 were funny but the plot wasn't great and tho Chris was kinda funny he was a really bad character, like so dumb and had no personality

23 hours ago
my former best friend is totally obsessed with ghostbusters 2016 ha called it the greatest comedy movie ever made and they should have made a trilogy out of it and he called al the action and comedy ever made he even claims its way better than ghostbusers 1984 and ghostbusters 1989

1 day ago
The actresses sucked, the movie sucked, director sucked, and yes nobody likes feminism .

2 days ago
Why do British people think they can pronounce people's names wrong? I never see this with anyone else who speaks English. You keep saying RAM-US but the dude's name, for his entire life, in every situation was Raymis. Why do this?

2 days ago
The problem with reboots and remakes is that they re do good and even great movies. That should stop. Remake movies that had potential, but were bad.

2 days ago
The effects look too scooby doo, fake animation than scary as in the prev 2 movies

2 days ago
I'm glad it failed. I don't ever want to see that crap again. When I want to see GB3 , I play the video game on X360/PS3. I don't actually care that they were women. It just wasn't as charming as the original. I saw the original as a child in a drive in, and it's still just as watchable today

3 days ago
They should write a new movie put a bunch of women in it not try to remake a classic like this its a fucking abomination

3 days ago
simply put - too many queef jokes

3 days ago
All you have to do is watch the video by midnights edge it explains in great detail why this movie failed
This video does

4 days ago
Should have been a torch passing movie, not a remake.

At the very least had Ray (Dan Aykroyd), hell even Winston (Ernie Hudson), be there to pass the responsibilities of the Ghostbusters to the new cast after having come out of retirement when a new threat arises after decades of quietness, but realize they are too old to handle the duties of being a Ghostbuster, and how members like Peter walked away/retired after the events of Ghostbusters 2 to live a life and start a new family, and how Egon had passed away. Original Ghostbuster fans would have accepted this more. Then to really hit a home run.. make at least one or more of the all-female cast turn out to be the daughters of some of the original ghostbuster crew, the smart girl is Egon's daughter, and so forth.

Then how these daughters are reluctant to be a ghostbuster, but realize they must, and how Egon's daughter must set aside her feelings of loss and anger toward the ghostbusters, utilize her own intelligence on top of what her father had taught her, to upgrade the aging ghostbuster equipment with new devices and modifications to handle the specific new threats.

but alas, they went the remake route and as a result the movie bombed and got panned.

4 days ago
It flopped because it was made by feminists. End of story.

4 days ago
First of all, reboots are nearly ALWAYS failures. It has nothing to do with the all-female cast. Second, it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to outclass the cast and writing of the original... as always.

5 days ago
I'm watching this in 2019. I know that's very important. That lava lamp is so lovely. Review away, I'm listening. Maybe I'll see this movie, maybe?

5 days ago
In the end it just wasn't funny. You would think virtue signaling in movies would have died off by now considering pc movies usually die at the box office. Sadly they continue to press narrative after narrative in an attempt to appease a crowd that doesn't even go to the movies.

6 days ago
I hope they got all the original cast that are still alive and I hope the movie is rated R. And I hope it’s more creepy like the first movie. The second one was more comedy but the first one was more scary And creepy .!

6 days ago
Because it had bloody women in it in lead roles

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