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Why Ghostbusters 2016 Flopped
   Georg Rockall-Schmidt
  Published: 2 years ago


Ghostbusters 2016 was a flop. Here's why.

I wanted to talk about the Ghostbusters reboot when it came out, but everyone was talking about it and there was some much vitriol I kind of thought I’d save it. The reboot, which I’ll refer to here as Ghostbusters 2016, is a failure, and I’m talking in terms of box office. It took about a hundred and forty four million dollars to make, it made as of the end of November 2016, according to Box Office Mojo, just over two hundred and twenty nine million, but with marketing and everything like that Sony needed it to bring in three hundred million to break even, and about half a billion to be considered a success.

So according to those figures, the movie lost about 70 million dollars. That’s a McDonald’s cheeseburger for every single resident of Thailand. Now Sony’s spokespeople whenever they’re asked about this, seem to say something like, it’s nowhere near that much, with the merchandise, the boost to the series as a whole, it’s more like fifty million or twenty five million. Well twenty five million may be true, but that’s because Village Roadshow has to take a big bite of that shit sandwich too, having helped to finance the film.

I’m going to give you my reasons why I think the movie bombed, but first let me tell you where I’m coming from. I try not to review movies on this channel, I’m more interested in and trying to direct things towards me talking about why things in films work or don’t work, or my opinions on directoral decisions, or looking at the business, or the backstories behind movies. I dislike enough cherished movies, and like enough disliked ones to know me just saying it was crap, doesn’t really mean that much. But what I would say is I like the original Ghostbusters a lot, I like the laid back but still pacey style, I like its humour, I think its witty and I think its well made, but I’m not a super fan. It’s not my favourite movie. Ghostbusters 2016, I don’t hate. I don’t think it’s the worst film ever. I think it’s quite saggy, but it’s not terrible. When I heard about it and watched the trailer, I didn’t have a gut wrenching reaction to it. I simply rolled my eyes, as I do with every reboot or dignity-defying sequel....

Any of you guys think there'll be a sequel? I heard they're going to 'branch out' into animations, which I think really means roll back investment.
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2 years ago
Hey all.

A lot of you guys argue here that the film was very disrespectful, and there are very valid points for thinking that - I'd probably argue all reboots are a little bit just by their nature. The reason I don't think GB 2016 is wholly disrespectful to the franchise is because, in my opinion, it sought to be it's own thing and not overwrite the original two and it tried to put in respectful nods to those movies. Did it do it well? No. Did it mishandle the backlash? Yes.

I know a lot of OG fans thought it was disrespectful, which I can understand - if that's your opinion I'm not trying to convince you otherwise with this comment, I'm just making mine clear. But if you've got fans thinking your reboot craps on the original, well you've failed at marketing.

5 days ago
"I don't know if it was a Woman thing or a Black thing but either way I'm pissed!"

An actual line from the movie. "Not progressive or feminist at all, it's a gimmick" no, I'm not convinced.

6 days ago
I want a Ghostbusters iii targeted at 45 year olds. Murray in his st valentine or lost in translation mode. A Ghostbusters forced back into action against their wills because of some corporate or bureaucratic or financial problem. A character piece. Optionally, even without ghosts.

1 week ago
They shoot the male monster in the was it not overly feminist?plus the directors own well as every male in the movie being played as morons.

1 week ago
If failed because stupid is different than funny.

2 weeks ago
It didn't flop DUMB ASS'ES
It was a GREAT movie
They need to do more.

2 weeks ago
Sorry, man, the all female cast WAS and will ALWAYS be some hack job of a feminist movement and it sucked. And that is what Hollywood is all about now.
Third wave Feminism and anti-white male propaganda. Just load up Netflix and Hulu and look at their originals line up.

2 weeks ago
If the film was not feministic. Why were all the women leads sexist?

2 weeks ago
500 million for that trash

2 weeks ago
If forced an agenda. They needed to dumb down on it. Look at the target audience and the type of people it virtue signaled to. Nuff said.

2 weeks ago
They just didn't have enough diversity. There should have been more trannies and furries and feminists and witches and mexicans and blind people and werewolves and androids and wheelchairs and cave people and oncologists and prostitutes and genies and foxes and vampires... etc

2 weeks ago
I think the most apt comparison is Red Tails, by George Lucas (technically another guy directed it, but its got Lucas written all over it).

Once they made the movie and no one wanted it, they started marketing it as a great stride in civil rights. Lucas made the ridiculous claim that it was the first all black film ever made. Wasn’t Stormy Weather made in 1943? I’m sure that wasn’t the first either.

Then they started heavy marketing directly at a black American audience. The pitch was like, let’s show those racists and watch this horrible drivel made by a white billionaire. Take that, oppression!

Ghostbusters 2016 did the same thing, but with women. Claiming it was a huge stride against sexism, and that the backlash was a product of men’s inability to watch a movie with female heroes. Personally, I think I saw all the Alien movies in the theater. If watching a lackluster film with a female protagonist makes you a feminist, watching Alien 4 makes me Susan B Frigging Anthony.

I’m not going to do a “Some of my best friends are female protagonists” shtick. All I’m saying is that I’m sick of International conglomerates like Sony wrapping themselves in social justice whenever they make a crappy movie they’re about to take a bath on. It cheapens legitimate social issues when giant companies claim giving them your money is an act of virtue.

2 weeks ago
If you want a great feminist film, watch Aliens instead.

2 weeks ago
it was disrespectful because gender / race swapping in movies when you reboot is inherently distasteful.
Could you imagine if they tried to "reboot" alien with Ripply as a guy named Ryan or something? No it would be jarring.

There have been many actors to play batman over the years, and some are better than others, but people dont have a knee jerking reaction to new batman movies because each actor is playing the same charecter.

3 weeks ago
Reboots are almost always terrible

3 weeks ago
Short answer it sucked. Long answer it sssuuccckkkkeeeedddd lol.

4 weeks ago
It wasn't disrespectful to the original. It was just god awful, pacing , comedy, and characters were all wrong. Dare i say it, the cast wasn't "diverse" enough.I.E men

4 weeks ago
remakes can become greater then their source material like invasion of the body snatchers and John Carpenters the thing, not the 2011 remake which curiously shows how a franchise remake can make a good remake then the remake of the remake goes pair shaped, curious.

At any rate ghost busters was a sunken ship before it left port, it didn't have enough of an audience to make it work and what it did have had fair bit of them put off by the political tripe that accompanied it, which is not entirely the films fault but it didn't help itself, and neither did the media looking to capitalise on the outrage culture :/ .

4 weeks ago
Ghostbuster 2 sucked, why do a third one?

4 weeks ago
The reboot needed to properly pass the torch, it did not do that worthwhile at all. as a result it failed and should never have really coat tailed on the name of its predecessor

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