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VENOM EXTRACTION - Centipede Bite Aftermath!
   Brave Wilderness
  Published: 9 months ago


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On this episode of Breaking Trail, witness the EPIC conclusion of Coyote Peterson being bitten by a Giant Desert Centipede!

*Hint…we had to use venom extraction in this one!

This is it Coyote Pack, the culmination of Coyote Peterson’s bite experiments has lead him to this ultimate creepy crawly finale…taking a chomp from what is said to be the most painful bite of any creature in North America!

Long rumored to be even more painful than the bite of a rattlesnake, Coyote will find out “first hand” the effects of a Giant Desert Centipede bite all in the name of science to document this extreme wildlife experience.

Will this enormous Centipede live up to the tales that are told throughout deserts of the Southwestern Untied States?

Get ready to find out!

*PLEASE never attempt to recreate what is seen in this video. Centipede bites can be very serious if left untreated.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

16 minutes ago
What about stonefish? It's said to be painful.

10 hours ago
I think his dog has agression problems.

10 hours ago
Next ep - he kicked kicked in the bollocks

18 hours ago
+Brave Wilderness watching this only had me wondering about the the most notorious Centipede bites such as the Scolopendra aka the Vietnamese Centipede(reputation as more painful than a snake bite in Thailand) and the Golden Head Centipede aka the Chinese Red Headed Centipede(can stop the heart of a mouse in 30 secs, not considered lethal to humans but sting can last 4-5 days). However I do think after watching your reaction to this one, those might be too much even for you.

Also reading the comments someone is suggesting they get less potent as they grow lager/older, which could make sense as they need more potency when smaller perhaps? Maybe something to explore in the Q&As.

18 hours ago
Cut the cameras cut the cameras

Okay I’m rolling mark you rolling yup ok cool

19 hours ago
Cut the camera ...

Okay film this

19 hours ago
Coyote : aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh

Mark : did it hurt?

Coyote : shceeeee aaah ahhhhhh!!

Mark : are you good bro?

Mario : internally laughing

19 hours ago
Cameraman: let me film myself taking out the Venom extractor...
Cameraman: it's painful right?

21 hours ago
Are you human??

22 hours ago
Oh my gosh why do you do this stuff your in pain are you okay 👌💜💜

1 day ago
He got like 20,000 dollars from this video

Worth it

1 day ago
Who else can feel the pain in their heart

1 day ago
Ya c cayote it's ok to to cry

1 day ago
You deserve my subscription

1 day ago
When they put the venom extractor on his arm I thought to my self " Kylie jenner challenge ???

1 day ago
It's OK to cry. Take him to a hospital

1 day ago
what a moron

1 day ago
speechless o.o

2 days ago
I heard mark queitly say, (ok)

2 days ago

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