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What Happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370?
  Published: 4 months ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 hour ago
The right turn is a part of the flight plan but not the left turn

7 hours ago
The plane crashed in Indian Ocean.

9 hours ago
Maybe the ailerons were not working and that's why it went weird.

10 hours ago
I think the plane just crashes and is somewhere in the ocean the ocean so big

13 hours ago
Dumb theory

370 could’ve faked their flight path at one point!!


When they were making those weird turns and arriving back near Kuala Lumpur, they could’ve turned off their radar system again. Then, they crash landed on an island or continent a few hors later, killing most of the people onboard. Perhaps a few survived, but died shortly after due to serious and/or fatal injuries. But before that, they (if it’s possible) sent a fake flight path to all their communicators, like Inmarsat, to make it look like they were heading towards the Pacific.

Could be accurate. Again, just a stupid theory of mine.

18 hours ago
the crew members had to be unconcious, and then put on auto pilot with a more than likely hijacker turning it.

19 hours ago
they need to fight

20 hours ago
Muzzie pilot killed himself and took everybody else with him. No mystery at all.

1 day ago
I was watching Shane Dawson(Conspiracy theories) and he was talking about a weird voice mail and it all tied back to flight 370...


Or that’s what it all seemed like with the evidence for that voice mail.....

1 day ago
MH370 may have been subject of a cargo hold fire, since a cargo manifest shows that the plane was carrying damaged packaging of 100 units of Lithium-ion batteries which may have triggered a fire, and some speculation even notes that there was a bit of live ammunition on-board for military use. And that fire incapacitated the plane's mechanical and electrical systems including all of it's transponders. That's when the crew made the decision to turn around to attempt an emergency landing, but everyone on board the aircraft was eventually incapacitated by the fire and making an emergency landing in conditions where you couldn't think or see clearly due to a fire attempting to consume the plane was impossible. And after everyone on the plane passed out due to lack of oxygen, the autopilot kept flying the plane for hours until it ran out of fuel and eventually began to glide to travel further distance or either entered a controlled ditch into the sea before it crashed and disintegrated into a million pieces on impact. I might even come up with a side theory to this that the crew on the aircraft was somehow battling the fire, giving it less time to spread.

1 day ago
Rotschild family natanyahu and America are the reason for this!!! God damn it!!

1 day ago
Someone doesn't want us to find out what happened to flight 370..

1 day ago
Transponders shouldn’t be able to be manually turned off 🤔

1 day ago
Weird.... Dunno what to say....

1 day ago
The plane went lost. You get it? LOST

1 day ago
Mahathir Muhammad!!! 🇲🇾🇧🇩🇮🇩🇵🇭🇻🇪

2 days ago
Twilight zone?

2 days ago
rip my countrys plane

2 days ago
Lol imagine 100 years later this will be in space and it’ll be normal to go to space for a business meeting

2 days ago
Another theory- at 8th March 2014, the mh370 was lost, still remains a mystery, but again in 17th july 2014 another Malaysian flight mh 17 was shot down by some rebels at Ukranian air, the entire crew and passengers were killed, when considering these 2 incidents, both disasters occurred at the same year, same airlines but months afterwards, the rest is history

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