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What Happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370?
  Published: 2 months ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

4 minutes ago
Probably in a different dimension.

47 minutes ago

55 minutes ago

1 hour ago
Its been 6 years since the MH370 . Pray for all of them😭🤧

1 hour ago
Its all covered up. People do know what happened and the truth but this would be devastating to the airline and industry if word git out.

1 hour ago
The parts would have sunk to the bottom after a while. When it initially diverted from its route they would have been contacted by atc.

2 hours ago
Lost Episode 1:

2 hours ago
Shot down

2 hours ago
Mh370 is mh17.

2 hours ago
Person: It's been months since MH370, I hope nothing happens taking this flight

Boarding MH17

Edit: Thank god I lost my ticket just before the gate

2 hours ago
I think the plane had fly into a Bermuda triangle ya! 🙄

3 hours ago
This reminds me of lost and manifest.

3 hours ago
2019 anyone?

3 hours ago
The Earth 🌏 isn't flat!

4 hours ago
The plane lost all navigation and simply ran out of fuel

4 hours ago
putting adverts before this, real fucking insensitive and gross guys

5 hours ago
Close encounters of the fourth kind

5 hours ago
Well, so whatever the plane part was called, it meant it dived. So what if we just had a serial killer on board and he decided ok let make dis history and kil everyone :>

6 hours ago
$155M?! Holy crap!

7 hours ago
When travelling overseas, there is the risk of either a potential Titanic incident or this Malaysian airline incident... Needless to say, I'm staying on my own land until the world sorts its shit out. Accidents like this terrify me!

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