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Why Can't They Fix This?
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 3 months ago


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We take some of the most common apps of 2018 and load them on to a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus and a Google Pixel 2 XL to see why my Samsung phone always seems to overheat and run out of battery.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

17 hours ago
Try no root firewall (made by grey shirts) its in the google play store and block internet access to apps that don't need it and see if that fixes it

18 hours ago
I'm experiencing this as well with my note 9 and I experienced it with my note 8 too... With my note 8 I got a little relief by turning off background data on whatever app's I could.

22 hours ago
Owned pretty much every Galaxy S phone starting with S3 and just about a month ago i switched to Note9. The battery life in general has truly reached a low point with S6, with my scenario of usage i often had to charge it twice in one day but judging by responses online that is just how that turd was. And only two phones managed to get me through the whole day on a single charge: S7 Edge and currently Note9, which is why i am completely in love with it. However, the S9 i owned just prior to Note9 had one glaring issue with the battery: it dropped really fast and hard while having a phone with me outside in temperatures below 0 Celcius. Like i could go out for 20 minutes with around 40 to 50 % of battery left and return with a dead phone, which does not turn on even after rewarming. My friend, who uses midrange Samsung phones also experiences this same issue with his A5 (2017) occasionally. Something fishy is definitely going on with batteries inside their phones. I were and am using Exynos variants i might add and a lot of people here are attributing bad battery life on Samsung phones to that SoC

24 hours ago
Samsung overcharges the batterys
the end Voltage is way to high which accelerates the batterydegradation. Samsung charges to 4.37V when 4.2 is the maximum healthy battery voltage

1 day ago
My Daily Driver is the Note 9 after 24 Hours out of the box and 8 hours on charge it died with 3 hours, I left it to charge over night with the device turned off and it charged to 100% within 30 minutes it drained 40% on social media apps moderate used all the preferential settings such as screen res are minimum and 48hours out of the box it's now on its 12th charge

2 days ago
Your problem is that you are not using the LG V30/V40.

2 days ago
I had a smiliar problem on my Galaxy S8. I sold the S8 and bought myself the S9+ because of the bigger battery. But I was also disappointed. I'm getting an sot of 2 to 3 hours per day. But the batters is draining very fast when i'm not using my phone. After using it for 5 minutes, my battery percentage drops from 100 to 95%. The standby time of the S9+ is a real disappointment. I already resetted the phone twice, deleted everything but it didn't got better. (I did the same rhing on my S8. I resetted the phone, replaced the battery. But without any results). I really hope Samsung will fix this problem. Because the battery is laughable

4 days ago
Use iPhone

4 days ago
Now it's 3 months later, have they replied you or got any reasonable explanation?

4 days ago
-Check your battery health to see what it’s total capacity is at.
-Back up your phone
-Open your phone up to see if your battery is connected properly
-remove cache and junk files that slow down your mobile.

If non of that works, run your battery down to zero% and leave it for 20 minutes in a room temperature environment then charge with the charger out of the box, not! A faster charger just the general out of the box charger and charge to 100% without going on the phone while charging

And if that fails

Use your phone on lower power mode 24/7 or replace the mobile phone you currently have.

4 days ago
My most immediate guess is that they're trying to cram too strong of a processor in it. Maybe its that processors and computing power is advancing faster than battery architecture and power storage.

4 days ago
Your phones tapped by the government 💀

5 days ago
At first my battery would drain 1% per 6 mins now its 1% per 5 mins

5 days ago
You know, my MTK tab can lay for few weeks on single charge. I guess you need to see cpu load. Maybe they screwed cpu idle mode.

5 days ago
Linus's team wouLD be like "ah shit, we were 1 second away from the ten minute mark"

5 days ago
Maybe fast charging

5 days ago
Poor optimization

5 days ago
Had the exact same problem. With S7 Edge, S8 PLUS. Stopped using Samsungs after that.

6 days ago
What if it you’re battery fucking up due to constant use and overheating in your pocket

6 days ago
Did you take the SD card out? It fixed mine.

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