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Why Can't They Fix This?
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 6 months ago


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We take some of the most common apps of 2018 and load them on to a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus and a Google Pixel 2 XL to see why my Samsung phone always seems to overheat and run out of battery.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 days ago
s7 same issue

2 days ago
1. Check your screen Res....the Samsungs come out the box toggled down but u have noticed that the battery performs better at higher Res.

2. What optimisation are you using.

3. Have you used "device care to clear your cashe data and waste storage data

3 days ago
its the russian guy hacking your phone and use it as a mining minion , lmao

4 days ago
The batterys of Samsung Phones are always crapy even the Note 2 back in its days was a perfectly legit portable heating system. I even had to change the battery of my Note Edge because of the same issue and was even worse since it even got the percentages wrong most of the time. Going from 100% to 25% in two minutes of medium use is just wrong.

4 days ago
I had a similar problem with my Google Pixel 1. Towards the end of my 2 year contract, about 4 months, my battery degraded to the point that around 2 hours of no use my phone would die. The battery sensor was also broken as I could restart my phone and it would say something like 4% when in reality with just restarting it another time would come up at like 70%. The overall battery issues on Android could be caused by the open nature of Android.

5 days ago
This happens to me too!!!With all phones and all things with batteries im frustrated from things getting defective i care about my hardware and stuff i even wore gaming gloves but somehow mouse lasers and batteries in phones or other devices keep getting fucked up only in a few months of use

6 days ago
I have this problem, it's really frustrating and in having to survive off power banks

6 days ago
I've owned a Galaxy S7 for about 2 years now, and shortly after I got it, I occasionally noticed that it was running very hot in my pocket. I could clear this up by rebooting the phone, but it seemed like a fairly messy way to deal with it. To get a handle on what was wrong, I turned to an app called SystemPanel, which allowed me to see the usage of each PUBLICLY ACCESSIBLE processes, as well each core of the CPU in graphic format.

My S7 is the Canadian edition with the octa-core Exynos SOC with 4 low-power cores and 4 high-power cores. When the phone was running hot for no reason, I discovered that one of the high-power cores was pushed to 100% at full clock speed. If left running like this with the screen on, the phone would get so hot I couldn't really touch the back of it. Not surprisingly, battery consumption was conspicuous.

According to SystemPanel, none of the processes it was able to show me were responsible for the high CPU usage. The culprit was likely a protected O/S process, which after Android 6.0 could not be examined by apps such as SystemPanel, and so I had no way to know which one it was.

After a bit of experimentation, I found that this undesirable state occurred most often when my phone automatically switched away from WiFi after I left the house. Because it seemed to be related to connectivity, I discovered that putting the phone into Airplane Mode for a second or two would stop the runaway process. I also determined that turning off WiFi before I left the house would ensure the condition wouldn't return.

I'd always thought this was my fault, because I'd rooted the phone and I used a custom kernel in order to set SELinux mode to permissive (so that I could run Viper4Android). Based on what you presented in this video, it might be an issue with the Samsung fork of Android.

This isn't to say that this very problem is the one you are seeing. Try manually shutting down WiFi before you move out of range of WiFi to see if that mysteriously clears up the hot-phone issue for you. If the phone does start to run hot, try Airplane Mode for a second or two. Also, get an app like SystemPanel to see if the heat issue is a core running at max constantly.

7 days ago
My ex Xiaome Redmi Note 4 would go for 4 days and still have 40% in battery. My Galaxy S9+ has that at the end of one day. But I don't use that much, more for work. If they didn't have different sizes for SIM chips and those drawers for chips weren't so annoying, I would probably go to work with my Xiaome and use the Galaxy on weekends when I needed pictures. People don't give much attention to battery, but it can be a big issue if your phone is more of your working horse than you multimedia center. Although I have to say that I love pictures and for this alone the Galaxy was worth it more than anything else.

1 week ago
Could possibly unused radios in your phone... Like bluetooth or NFC, Or possibly a defect in a onboard component I have had phones in the past with bad Wifi/bluetooth radios where they would become hot and drain power cause they were malfunctioning electrically.

1 week ago
Lol, my note nine is fine and had it since release. I have about 72 gigs worth of apps too. I can get get a full days use with heavy video playback approx 5 gig of video, messaging and calls. Usually my friend's all to use my phone when it's in the evening cause there phones are flat.

1 week ago
Got a similar problem but I am upgrading to the s10+. My phone will say that i have 58 percent left. I turn it off then back on 10 mins later and it switches off saying i have 1 percent. I wait half an hour then turn it on and I have 38 percent. Was a real issue the other day when i tried to get a uber after a movie. Had to wait half an hour before i could use it. Anyone else get this issue? Oh it is a s5 that i have but i figured that the phone is just getting too old.

1 week ago
Download an app called AccuBattery it gives you a proper app by app breakdown of usage

1 week ago

1 week ago
I'm having the same issue with my galaxy 10+

1 week ago
I've never had a problem with my Samsung. Of course I'm only syncing 2 Outlook accounts and 2 Gmail accounts. I don't use Twitter or Facebook and my note will last all day easily that's with casting music at work and watching YouTube at lunch and making calls on the way to and from work. I would look into what app you have that's constantly syncing and slow it's sync rate

1 week ago
Probably a bit coin minning virus that works while idle

2 weeks ago
Change location settings to battery saving. By default it's set to high accuracy. It has solved many of my friends battery consumption issues

2 weeks ago
Try a different S9

2 weeks ago
You should stop overclocking your phones Linus..

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