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Why Can't They Fix This?
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 1 week ago


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We take some of the most common apps of 2018 and load them on to a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus and a Google Pixel 2 XL to see why my Samsung phone always seems to overheat and run out of battery.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

3 minutes ago
Sounds like the issue I had with my Nexus 6P when the battery started to go... It would just drain like crazy while not doing anything. Maybe you did just get a faulty battery

9 minutes ago
I too have experienced this with the Samsung phones. Galaxy s and note lineup. I hope someone finds a solution

38 minutes ago
Are you restoring from a backup to your new Samsung phones? There may be something that is in your backup that is causing this issue. Have you tried factory resetting the phone and then manually installing all apps and services on it?

42 minutes ago
This was more than likely accounted for, but when you used both S9s with SIMS that had data, were they both on the same network? That could account for the large discrepancy. Where I live, Rogers has terrible service in certain areas compared to the other networks like Telus, so it's possible that might be a culprit?

57 minutes ago
my phone randomly has ohases where my battery dies real quick (as in no use and the battery drops like a rock). and other days where i play pokemon go 4 hours straight and the battery just drops to 40 from 100.
galaxy a5 2017

1 hour ago
1. Make storage image and backup your data.
2. Reformat your phone to factory settings with original firmware and old stock android version.
3. Retest.

I am pretty sure that android updates change the OS shell in such a way, that they drain phones faster.

1 hour ago
I'm a Samsung technician here in Canada and from my experience Samsung phones have a tendency to have a software optimization issue. Out of box they are great, they have one of the best battery life times I've seen. (I'm a phone guy) Though once there is a decent amount of 3rd party (non Samsung apps) on the phone, it has a problem with background tasks and optimizing the battery regarding this. One way to test this is by preforming a factory reset on your phone and reinstalling your info, you will see for yourself the difference. Even though the content hasn't changed your battery life has increased in comparison. Also from what ive seen if you are using a connection that constantly has fluctuating connection strength that too can cause it. (honestly that drains batteries like crazy. But not much can be done about that) Though it could be a hardware issue, the sleep current dictates how much power the phone is using when idle. If the current is high then the battery will drain very very fast. In my experience it is the most common defect in the main boards used. I would recommend sending it to a facility that can run a calibration on the main board so you can at least cross that off as a possibility. Hope this helps.

2 hours ago
My S7 is 2 years old and with the latest Samsung Updates has a longer battery life than when I bought It

2 hours ago
I personally believe Android can't properly judge battery use and applications find a way to hide the high usage. It has to be an app doing it.

2 hours ago
Mine is always running out of battery too...
My University is in an area with poor network. As soon as I turn the data on, the battery drains really quickly compared to the oneplus...
It took me an hour to go from 70% to 22% today itself...

3 hours ago
I hardly touch FB and have it disabled on my GS8 (64gig), which I have had since Nov last. I use a fast 64gig card for vids / pics and app wise I am up to 28 gigs. Mixture of biz / general apps all from the playstore or Samsung store (Bixby disabled but use it to dictate short texts via the button etc if alone). I use the camera a chunk (mainly for PDF creation and enjoy the never misses it seems but perhaps digressing). Maps I use extensively and in sunny Oz that can hammer the battery with music going via 4G and phone calls using BT. Any kind of car ride I need to do all that I know I need a charge going in but that's fine (the bright days here really work that OLED auto brightness/battery). Evenings I often as not watch an hour of YouTube / Netflix with the phone when away and that's often enough. I have the AOD set up but will turn the phone face down if not needed. If I walk the dogs the phone is playing something through internet radio / Google Music.........Usual constantly syncing for Gmail etc set up. Couple of minor issues when I had updates but quickly sorted in an impressive way by Samsung support (I am not a tech but was guided quickly to easy resolution). The phone is bang smack up to date (every app / Samsung update going is just slapped on). I do have an eye to keeping the phone between 20% and 80% charge when I remember (I avoid usually leaving it on charge overnight). My life makes that as easy to do as not..........First Samsung for years as their penchant for bloat back in the day put me off them but the GS8 ticked so many boxes and got a good contract deal......I keep it in a slim case.....Unusually I hardly touched it today bar a few texts / reading Emails I had to and three 5 minute calls. 8AM it was on 100% (green light just on as avoid intentionally just letting it sit like that). It was face down in silent mode mostly but turned on. I came up for air from meetings at 9PM and flicked around for a very few miniutes, watched this and 84% battery..................I have never personally met anyone who has several phones they use, and so nothing to really compare. For me I want one set up and hopefully not bother with a change for two years (one old get out of trouble quick in the background Chinese one I reserve I charge once in a while just so I know it works for that)..........Everything from what has become a great always with me stills camera / video device / editing for both (and I like photography / videography) through extensive business use I really use it........Good luck with the investigations, it's something for me to think about when I need to replace what has just been a rock solid near 11 month experience so far.................I maybe should add I use it as a wifi hotspot often enough as well............Maybe some of that is food for thought (I listed it in a brainstorm way to try to help).

3 hours ago
Linus.... Do you use podcast addict?

3 hours ago
Same with S8. It doesn't last a day. I like the phone though so I keep using it.

3 hours ago
Make a list of things that are different about your daily driver and the new phone. like drive space usage from messages, connected Bluetooth devices, app configurations, etc. and see what’s exactly different in the new phone. You know, that’s the thing that made me switch to iOS. Android is so sensitive that some of the apps I was using were messing my phone up to where I couldn’t receive messages or was killing my battery. I finally got fed up and made the switch to the dark side. Haven’t looked back since

3 hours ago
well if this helps i think it can be a faulty battery, i mean i had this similar case with a non samsung phone... and one of my friendssaid that batteries vary its life depending on how many cycles u use it... also one experience is with my dads phone at 60% it shuts down instantly... but when we replaced it it was all good it was a samsun galaxy j7...

4 hours ago
Is it solved now?

4 hours ago
I have the A5, and I have battery life issues as well. Some days it will sit idle and only use 20%. Other days it will use 50% in just a couple of hours. I did find that the Facebook app and Messenger were causing some of the drain.

4 hours ago
I think that samsung is not that good when it comes to system optimization and snapdragon processors keep on struggling and trying to keep the apps open thanks to the RAM for a long time and that consumes a lot of battery and its the reason why your phone is always hot whenever left idle!

5 hours ago
Yo lienus... There's an app called gsam battery manager, go through the prompts to allow it system privileges through adb so that it can produce useful data I've found in the past it to be a pretty good tool for tracking down issues. I remember my Galaxy s and s2 days when I'd pull my phone out of my pocket to find it hot to the touch. Pretty much every phone I've had since then had custom ROMs and custom kernals, I've still had issues but gsam breaks it down into hardware, wakelocks, apps etc then if it's just system I try another rom/kernal... Works for me.

5 hours ago
Put your phone into flight mode and see how long it lasts in IDLE.
its possible that your antennae isnt working properly and is constantly trying to search for a better signal.

Next step, if your game. is to disconnect the ribbon cable to the battery and install a different battery. it could be a malfunction in the battery iteself.

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