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131 Rapid-Fire Questions About The Outer Worlds
   Game Informer
  Published: 2 weeks ago


In this exclusive Game Informer video, Joe Juba asks co-directors Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky 131 rapid-fire questions about The Outer Worlds' gameplay, companions, scope, Obsidian Entertainment, and (since they created the original two games) the origins of Fallout. See more exclusive videos at Show more

Comments Directly on YouTube

1 hour ago
He doesn't want your chocolate lol

2 hours ago
I love Tim’s reply to romance quests

6 hours ago
Hell yeahhh

7 hours ago
Lol most guys saying “will get this for sure lol” can’t wait till thay get bored with it

12 hours ago
“Will it run at 60 FPS on consoles?”

“Is that our target?”

I’m not sure if I should be concerned or find it funny

14 hours ago
God I’m looking forward to this game so much. It makes me feel a certain kinda way like reminds me of the good old days playing new Vegas and I want that so bad

14 hours ago
Give me a space dog follower and I'll preorder the game twice...

15 hours ago
This is how fast every interview should be

23 hours ago
Microtransactoins? -> „Hell No“
-> right answer, will preorder!

1 day ago
Why are you being so obtuse? My main question!

1 day ago
Go for it guys, you deserver it

1 day ago
Will it be playable on Linux at least through Steam Proton?

1 day ago
4:52 that zoom in while he’s answering the question XD

1 day ago
"Will there be microtransactions?"
Both in unison "HELL NAW!"

That's what I like, clear direct question, clear direct answer, no being vague, no bullshit.
"...but the plan is to ship a game that players won't have to finish on their own" (by fixing it with mods)

Shots fired! Shots fired!

1 day ago
They speak lovely. But then you see the actual product.
Patiently waiting a decade for the next fallout.

1 day ago
The range of questions this guy have are like the range of questions I get from that one customer @ GameStop. Chill tf out dude

1 day ago
Would love a switch version. Cause it looks like the switch could handle the graphics.

1 day ago
The interviewer has terrible posture. He needs to straighten his back a bit more...

2 days ago
Best Q and A ever.

2 days ago
Remember how anthem turned out? I thought that game looked amazing. This game looks amazing. I'm sorry obsidian but after anthem, bo4, and bV, but I gotta hold off on getting on the hype train.

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