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   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 3 months ago


Thanks to IBM for sponsoring this video! IBM Developer is giving away 1,500 drones, along with the tools to program it. Enter for your chance to win #IBMDroneDrop:
(USA and Canada Only)

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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 weeks ago
Good luck to everyone

4 weeks ago
Can i have one

4 weeks ago
I Like

1 month ago
Has anyone seen the drones yet? I got an email claiming I won a drone but have not received it. Has anyone gotten their drone?

1 month ago
Hi, I like your channel. I like these prizes, but I haven't got enough money. Please choose me.

1 month ago
i won but it's been like 3 weeks and i still don't have my tello drone i have no way to contact them either I've called IBM like 4 time's on their other sites one hung up on me the other told me it's not in their department then i called another time she told me to go to IBM developer website click on contacts which at this point i know she's not going to help me cause I've done that like a thousand times already spoiler their is no contact information on IBM's developer website you click the like redirects you to another page and there's no contact information no phone number no email no nothing and all i want is a phone number or a email so plz help me out if you can and give me some contact information regarding my drone plz :(

1 month ago
Dude u can,t give it me

1 month ago
SERIOUSLY. What is up with every single comment being about the lack of international thinking from IBM? Do all you idiots really think it’s the end of the world for ONE company giving out ONLY 1,500 of these just to US and Canada? Grow the hell up.

1 month ago
Aside from non international shipping, just wanna say I really enjoy the videos with Alex. I love his passion for cool and innovative tech and it's great when he shows these things off.

1 month ago
need to enable dark mode when I'm doing my wife

1 month ago
My phone is very close to the new aspect ratio of the videos so there's little black bars at the top and bottom and is kinda annoying

1 month ago
IBM developed Bigtrak for a drone platform.

1 month ago
rip..i am late

1 month ago
trust americans to take a business literally called 'international business machines' and only operate domestically.
derp, doesn't the world end at the American border? theres no such thing as 'other countries' what a joke.

1 month ago
Someone misses Luke... :D

1 month ago
They wrote dji tello

1 month ago
Its all to do with shipping costs from Canada, can someone sort please.

1 month ago
the drone sounds like a kazzo

1 month ago
Who believes in giveaways anymore? I would much rather purchase something. Yall some broke ass nig*a's if you're waiting on a giveaway, for something you more then likely won't get...

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