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   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 3 weeks ago


Thanks to IBM for sponsoring this video! IBM Developer is giving away 1,500 drones, along with the tools to program it. Enter for your chance to win #IBMDroneDrop:
(USA and Canada Only)

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Comments Directly on YouTube

26 minutes ago
It says that I've won one, but how do yoy get to the drone winner experience page?

41 minutes ago
Just won a drone =)

3 hours ago
Really lame. I did everything on their website and all, but then I saw it was US and Canada only (expectations dropped). And I actually won :D

18 hours ago
IBM using DJI tello? who create this drone, DJI or IBM? or both

20 hours ago
Are people really this entitled that they're complaining about not being eligible for a chance to win a free item?

2 days ago
still the best comment you have ever read

4 days ago
"You can't screw up flying a drone..."
-My classmate before panicking and crashing the University's Phantom 4 into a brick building at high speed 20 feet off the ground.

4 days ago
it's 2k now

5 days ago
Counter WlockWise, 90mm

5 days ago
8:12 when you yank the cats tail xD

5 days ago
LINUS!!! I won a drone woot WOOT thanks for posting the video about it XD good thing i live in the USA

5 days ago
Go figure ... I won a Drone thanks for letting me know

6 days ago
i wonYay

6 days ago
I have no idea what this IBM Coder program is and how to use it. Signed up, completed a few challenges and I get a notice that I've won a drone but I have no idea what I'm supposed to do with the IBM coder program. Even watching this video once before I still don't get it. The only thing I can figure is once I get the drone I'm supposed to record myself programming it and submit the video to IBM cloud service. IBM really needs to put out a video on how to use the program I see online. The want me to add features and set up some kind of accessories to work with programming and something to do about creating apps but I'm confused. HELP!

6 days ago
Super cool and awesome

7 days ago
I am not even joking I actually just won one!!!!! THANKS for the video Linus! You and your team, as always, ROCK!!!! Now a 2-3 week wait for shipping then time to play!

7 days ago
i came back to this video just to let ya'll know i won one. i just got the email. so freaking hyped!!!

7 days ago
Hooray! I'm a winner!

7 days ago
I just got an email that I won one!

7 days ago
I got one!

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