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Samson - Official Trailer (2018)
   Pure Flix
  Published: 10 months ago


SAMSON - a "must-see" biblical epic. 👊💥
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Chosen. Betrayed. Redeemed.

SAMSON, empowered by God with supernatural strength, endangers his destiny with impulsive decisions that lead to betrayal by a wicked prince and a beautiful temptress. When Samson calls on his God once more, he turns imprisonment and blindness into final victory.

From the creators of GOD’S NOT DEAD comes SAMSON, an action-packed biblical epic. Starring Billy Zane, Rutger Hauer and Jackson Rathbone, Samson’s journey of passion, betrayal, and redemption inspires audiences to realize that life’s failures need not define their future.

Jackson Rathbone, Rutger Hauer, Billy Zane, Lindsay Wagner, Caitlin Leahy and Taylor James as Samson


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7 hours ago
My story in that life when I was Samson, was about 3170 years ago. My force was not in my hair, although I said that and also that I was a half god, because I considered peoples so idiots but my force was obviously in my muscles like every humans. I was very smart and agile and about 7 feet high, that's made all the difference. I really confront a regiment of philistines in some kind of canyon, where they could not escape behind me. My spy was living near their places so he told me that they were coming, and I waited behind big rocks. I always fought without any weapon and I tell them that I promise to not kill anyone but just be sure I hit each one to be now inoffensive, and could go back to his family, pass the message to all behind you, but if one use a weapon I will kill him, wich I have done to one who hit me in the abdomen with a long stick with a blade. One strong and tall think he could win and come beside me and I just give him a strong hit with my right fist on the top of his head and he fall unconscient, I took him in my arm to trow him over the regiment like I have done with many other, but even if I was usualy able to lift a warrior over my head, this one was too heavy and I lift him up only to my face and trow him on the wall of peoples, because I reach the limit of my force. Dalila was beautiful and some kind of whore and was frustrated I was very jalous and do not let other guys come near her. I live with her in her house, and love her very much, but when she ask I would not tell her. Enemies warriors promise her a bag of money to help them kill me. She made me drink many big botles of wine. I was on the bed a long time but still awake. She speak low sometimes with the guy waiting outside trough the window wich was just a planck over a hole in the wall. She let them come in. I knew I had just to move my litle finger to make them run away, but I was becoming sad of the live, older, and weaker, and had no more reason to live, so I did not move. One hit me strongly with a massive stick, but I did not feel so bad and he hit me again. At a moment my spirit left my body, and I saw one give a small bag to Dalila. She was disapointed because she found only 4 or 5 pieces of money of different size and with no value in this country. He told her to shut up, now she have no one to protect her. I saw her being rejected because of her responibility of my death and she died of lack of food, cold and from desease in a small trail. I never had my eyes destroyed. Peoples reborn with the same peoples they knew around them again to manage their karma. Now Dalila got the name of Priscilla, she was 5 years older than me, a singer with a marvelous voice, the best of all times, and the most beautiful girl of all times. I was happy to have de chance to at last tell her that I love her. I remember killing a lot of peoples in my lives, because that was the way it was. Between 1730 and 1810 I was a military high grade officer in France, and Dalila was the daughter of one of my friend officer. In my present life I'm still the most intelligent guy of all times after Nicola Tesla, and I have invented a dozen of perpetual motion machines that could give free energy to humanity, but you do not deserve, as you are all totaly stupid and idiot, and do not use your lives to evolute. The souls exist from million of years, and reincarnate from vegetals to animals then humans, but you still the same centuries after centuries, total idiots on a small planet, among an infinity of other being in the universe who are waiting for you, but your numerous civilizations desappear and reappear from the beginning all the time.

2 days ago
They all are atheists,it's just for content
I could imagine the story when I'm reading the Bible rather than this recycled movie

3 days ago
Basura de película que No tiene NADA QUE VER CON LA PALABRA DE DIOS , pero si se atrevieron a robar la historia de los Créditos BÍBLICOS !!!!

3 days ago
Buto pakhang cite die

4 days ago

5 days ago
Sick & tired of listening to people whether Jesus or Samson was white/black/brown. So here's my thought for these people....Jesus was born white, then started turning brown all thanks to the sun tan because he was travelling & preaching & then turned black since there was no salon to detan his skin!!! HAPPY NOW!!!
For God sake, its a religion, don't drag your filthy racist mind everywhere!!

6 days ago
I just watched this movie and thought it was pretty good. one of the better christian made movies.

6 days ago
Did anyone actually see this movie? Y'all talk about everything but the importance. Is this movie good or nah?

6 days ago

7 days ago
they shouldve used a taller and bigger guy but nevertheless, seems ok

1 week ago

1 week ago
Ce film est très intéressant ! J'adore les histoires de la Bible ! C'est trop bien !

1 week ago

1 week ago
why3 delilahhhhh

1 week ago
Samson was a killer end of story

1 week ago
Lol, the stupidity in this comment section is outstanding!

2 weeks ago
I think it's derived from Bible

2 weeks ago
Basura de judíos y su imitación barata de Hércules.

2 weeks ago
Who freaking cares if the story was real or not.This is not discovery channel. I just want to know if the movie is good or not 🤣

2 weeks ago
Yok anasının amı amk yahudileri

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