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  Published: 2 weeks ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

21 minutes ago
Shoutout to power by lachlan

26 minutes ago
ur a bludy poop head

37 minutes ago
O h Y e a h Y e a h

38 minutes ago
I’ve raged more than u have that whole time and I’m only 5 minutes in

44 minutes ago
Why r u saying bad words and bad stuff

46 minutes ago

51 minutes ago
No what the fuck throws a temper tantrum

56 minutes ago
Oh yeah yeah

56 minutes ago
Does anyone notice that he is wearing Lachlan’s hoodie. 0:09

1 hour ago
Damn the course did change

1 hour ago
Oh no mo

2 hours ago
All hail oh no no

2 hours ago
My loyal people join me and my brothers

2 hours ago
Search noahsnoahs channel and whatcha the video 'quit horsing around'

2 hours ago
You there! Join the oh no no clan

2 hours ago
You were In Love

2 hours ago
Oh no no

2 hours ago
dont worry lazar ur stil a bloody legend

2 hours ago
Look at baby gingy when you jump

3 hours ago
It's funny because hes supporting lachlans merch lol and his shop use code lachy in shop :)

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