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  Published: 5 days ago


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We are trying our best to keep this channel going, but if we do not receive enough support from you guys, we will not be able to continue bringing these daily beneficial videos. Our main financial source to run this channel was terminated by YouTube, and the only way we can recover for that is if you guys can help us financially.

If we can get 3,000 members on our membership page, our channel will be back and running as usual. If not, we will post as much as we.can based on the financial support we receive.
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Comments Directly on YouTube

8 hours ago
I can you 500 rs but only with paytm or offline.

8 hours ago
How can I give you offline,

14 hours ago
Like why? That's coo unfair to all Muslims and discrimination too! Like WHY?

15 hours ago
I can't donate with my card... Please give me you account number or something like that soo i can transfer the funds

17 hours ago
Why are they trying to stop these videos???🤔😥

22 hours ago
Allah is with you
We are getting message because of you

23 hours ago
We have to understand that they have declared war on Islam. Just look around and observe, all the countries that have been destroyed by invasions, terrorists and rebels were all muslim countries. Muslims have been killed from everywhere in the world. And they also promote negativity in media about Islam.
But inshallah Islam will be victorious.

24 hours ago
YouTube is truly run by pagan satanic worshipping steaming piles of dog shit. YouTube is obviously run by the dajjal and he doesn’t want the truth to be revealed. May Allah help you all in your times of need. Ameen

1 day ago
You should keep your faith on Allah. inshallah Allah will help you❤❤

1 day ago
Ya allah helh us..Plz😭

2 days ago
I dont have a credit card yet bt i want to be a member, is there any way?

2 days ago
Allahu akbar... this is the best channel.. mashaa Allah i was sooo curious to gain knowlegde of our prophets since adam a.s then i have got ur video of about sheeth a.s... i continued the series... jazak Allahu khair... i was wondering were do i get it from the beginning of creation alhumdulilah got through ur channel..... may Allah ease your difficulties and our increase our keenness and knowledge towards and hope we could implement in ourselves ameeeeen

2 days ago
Inshallah if Allah wants it to stay it will happen , i will inshallah do dua

2 days ago
Brother pls do not close the channel for the sake of Allah swt

2 days ago
Use Facebook then. They won’t ban you

2 days ago
If the prophet and his few companions could win a war just by having hope in Allah, we can do the same if we stand as brothers and sisters, our own army. Don’t worry The Prophet’s path, your channel shall stay inshaa Allah!

2 days ago
If i was able, i would have donated as much as i can.
But the problem is that i am very small.😢

3 days ago
There comes a time when the truth will be hidden and the lies will be spread worldwide.....soubhan Allah, ALLAH IS THE GREATEST

3 days ago
Okay so I was on the internet and I saw a ad for palm reading I thought it was fake and was bored so installed it then I did it and I wasn’t really sure if it was a sin so I searched it up to see if it was a sin and it was so now I regret it and I don’t know if I get punished or not may allah help me?

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