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WHY?? - A MINING WiFi Router???
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 4 months ago


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We find out why on Earth the Bitmain AntRouter exists...

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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 months ago
Remember that time Linus turned into a cat? router goes flying off of table

2 months ago
If you don't want it, send it to me, I'll use it.

3 months ago
Loving the Cynicism Hat. Like XKCD's Classhole. You should make that a regular trope on LTT.

3 months ago
Not impressed with youtube ads that stall at the end of the ad and make you walk over to your iPad and press skip ad just to see the next video. So I'm going to give this video and every video that has an ad like that before it a dislike. Please ask your advertisers to stop using this heavy handed and totally stupid technique. Not only will it affect my outlook on their product but it hurts me to have to dislike a LTT video. I love your content. But hate hate hate that stupid stalled ad technique. Stop it Youtube! Stopit!

3 months ago
This is why I can’t buy a wifi router!!!!!!! Ugh!

3 months ago
Your router has been cryptojacked... by default?!

3 months ago
damit i was so disappointed at the end of this video ...... Was waiting for a hammer or something to come out 🤣😂✔

4 months ago
"not even dual band wifi"
"only a 100 megabit port"
"no included switch"
"108 years to mine a litecoin"
"it would take up half your backpack"
"300 mbps max"

why bitmain why

4 months ago
SERIOUSLY STOP MINING! we need gpu prices to drop >_>

4 months ago
I lost it when Linus threw it on the floor

4 months ago
3:56 spit takes flight

4 months ago
Omg this Is so sad 😢

4 months ago
You praise your sponsor PIA now but where went the praise for Tunnel Bear?

4 months ago
Everyone talking about 300megabit like everyone has it while i have 3

4 months ago

4 months ago
Not a good idea for LTC but it's good for something like Qlink. Google it. But the point of this is to decentralize the network and to broadcast transactions if you're a business because a lot of people don't know how to sync the blockchain on a PC.

4 months ago
You should have peeled that plastic off of it way slower, you slut.

4 months ago
In 2014 with that budget on scrypt asics you could solo-mine 25LTC several times a week.
...but the shelfs where not provided

4 months ago
Hahahahaha, crypto currency.... I knew that crap would turn into a bad joke and a sham!! Hence, why anyone I know that was into the crap, I just laughed at them! Hell, at least now it seems since the morons have stopped buying up all the graphics cards to mine with, the prices for decent cards has come back down and stabilized! Crypto currency was a bad joke, and I warned people the bottom would fall out, to which I would hear "Nah man, it is here to stay, and I can save up and actually buy (enter expensive thing here) once I have enough saved up." And here it is, what a year or so later, and the fad (because that is all it ever was) is dying off. People who think they can make something for nothing were SO badly mistaken! Not to mention how much of a waste of resources this was. There are people who literately put off important things (like 2 months worth of car payments in one case I know of....) to buy computer hardware just for mining, only for the bottom to fall out JUST after building that new, shiny rig, and putting it up on Craigslist at HALF the original price of the hardware bought......which was used for a total of a couple of months. And, not a single return on investment :) This is why I do not give into fads, because they never last. Those that thought they could make tax free cash soon found out, if you are converting from cryto to actual spending cash, or spending crypto at the few places that take the crap... guess what? There are taxes that now have to be paid on that "money" you just spent ;) But, the proof is in the pudding, the idiots trying to make a quick buck, found out that is, in fact, not how the world really works :D I hope the shit completely dies off and never makes a damned return.

4 months ago
Uh, it's called a hater hat. I put mine on all the time.

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